Save the Vape shop

Save the Vape shop

i have the opportunity to revive a friends business, as there are other commitments in his life now. i want to honor the call and help it.

We did it!

On 21st Dec 2015 we successfully raised £5 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Currently I am trying to save my friends business from disappearing off the earth when there is so much potential and a large customer base. 

I have been working in a couple of vapour shops now and have realized the potential there is in the products and clients. 

I have been vaping for over 3 years and have a large base of friends who are doing the same. 

gone are the days when you used to pick up one of those white inhalers from the chemist to feed the nicotine addiction we all had, we now have devices that not only help us wean down on the level we intake but have a more enjoyable time doing it, vaping has become the social norm when you walk through the street now. 

I have walked to work and for every smoker I saw there has been at least 4 vapers, it’s a growing market and saving my friends shop is one step in the direction I believe to be the right one. We need products that are going to meet our needs, juice that is going to appeal to our senses and stability that you won’t get from certain devices out there.

I am currently embarking on 3 different journeys but I need your help with this one because this is my dream and providing the best customer service I possibly can will be achieved when I am no longer stifled by working in a company that only believes in profit and not what a customer wants or needs.

I am in university and soon to be a father, but that does not mean this enterprise will be neglected because I feel that this idea if it comes to completion will also be my baby.  


So a vape cafe ? Would this be a good idea, would anyone come? Bring your laptop have a seat, a vape and maybe even a coffee and cake. 

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