Save the Student

Save the Student

For my major project, in the third year of University, I am looking to create a fashion book with Fashion Shoots across Europe.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My dear friends,

My name is Alexandrina Cojocaru, I am a fashion photographer currently in year 2 at University for the Creative Arts.  In my atempt of coming with a concept for my major project, I have decided to pour my heart and soul into this last year of University. Being passionate about travelling and fashion photography, there was no doubt that my project would be one in relation to that.   It is my dream to succesfully finish University and also  do an amazing job for my last project, and I would appreciate your help. I wanna start travelling to different places , with my camera and a dream. I am looking to raise money to support my dream, to portray beauty standards around the world.   Creatives that are interested in this project and want to know more, please email me at 

*It doesn't matter how little you donate, I will appreciate every penny that takes me closer to finishing University*

Please have a look at some of my projects on .