Saving the school from its liabilities.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is JOSE S. FUSTER JR. - I am the president and owner of CISAT an educational institution..

Almost 10 years, this school CISAT CREATIVE INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY FORMERLY CLCEFI, CREATIVE LEARNING CENTER EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC., has been operating with the mission and vision of providing the best home for creativity and quality education of less fortunate and fortunate young Filipino Children. The school has been offering FREE EDUCATION through SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS.

The school started in 2006 with a small room for tutorial services with 4 children. However, because of the demand for classrooms and request of most of the parents to have official building, I tried and engaged for loans, so that I can build the school building for the children. I started from first level, then second, third until I was able to make a 5 storey building.

Unfortunately, the school suffers from high continuous interests rates of the said loans committed for the constructions, facilities, and fundings for the scholarships.

Thus, three years from now, the school has been experiencing scarcity for financial support and fundings. At this time, the school is striving to survive for the sake of the quality education of the children.

Honestly, the income of the school cannot sustain from its needs for the salaries of teachers and staff, regular bills, scholarship funds, and maintenance of the school building. In fact, the power supply of  the school has been cut off due to non-payment. So, I and the institution have to find way just to continue the classes with the help of the  generator. 

I've gotten enormous pressures due to the situation of the school. However, I did not give up, instead, I must remain strong and preserve the reputation and the name of the school for the sake of the quality education of the majority of the scholars who are being affected with their studies, which I never dreamed  to happen.

As the president of the school, I have to find the best solution so that it will not be lost together with the dreams of these children.

This is why CISAT really needs this community and you to save the school from its liabilities and the quality education of the Filipino Children who have been with us for years.

I’m extremely excited and proud of the system and program of the CROWDFUNDER.CO.UK that it offers.  I know there are a lot of dreams and good lives which will be fulfilled by its aims and goals. 

Help us, and the institution in pursuing its mission and vision in our country with your kindness and wholehearted support.  It will be a worth recalling and remembering  for us and the students whom you would be helped.

I promise that whatever positive result may you bring to us, will be shared and returned to this community so that more people’s dreams and projectes will come true.

The school and I are excited to move forward with this saving school project. I really need your help and financial support.

May the Lord God bring hope and good health to all of you, your family and endeavours.

Thank you very much.