Save the Rave @ North Shore Troubadour

by North Shore Troubadour in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for the independent grassroots music scene everywhere #savetherave

by North Shore Troubadour in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small businesses, which is going to make it very challenging for businesses to survive. 

Crowdfunder are offering up their platform to help all small business try and find temporary alternative methods to stay afloat! Thank you Crowdfunder!

Our story is this 

Since March 18th our doors have been closed. Our events postponed or cancelled and our entire team at a loose end. Everyone involved in the things we do at North Shore is self-employed and relies heavily on the various happenings that go on there to support themselves, financially as well as ensuring they have much needed mediums for creative output. 

During this crazy, uncertain and in some cases lonely time, we are trying to get creative with how we can financially and mentally support them and we need a little help to do this. As an independent grassroots venue, all funds we have ever had have always gone straight back in to building and developing what is now home to many musicians, artists and creatives. Therefore, anything anyone feels compelled to do to support will not be forgotten and will help ensure we are in fine form when we can reopen. 

We cannot wait to come out the other side of this pandemic and carry on hosting some of the best parties, events and activities on the Liverpool arts and underground scenes. We have seen so many bands, DJs and new events and projects start, grow and flourish within our venue or with the support of our team and resources over the years and long may this continue!

Lockdown Entertainment

We want to provide something to help everyone stay sane and enjoy reminiscing on the amazingly fun and crazy times they have had within the walls of our warehouse. Therefore, we will host some live streams via our social platforms from The North Shore Troubadour team as well as our dear promotor friends who are getting involved to help us out. Luckily lots of our promotor buddies have in-house set-ups to make this safe and possible!

Planning ahead ;)

If you happen to be in a position to donate something and feel compelled to do so we are forever grateful for any support.  As you will see, we have made it as worth your while as possible with some mega rewards redeemable as soon as we are safely allowed to be in the same room as each other again. You could look at it as an investment into our collective fabulous future.

** PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER** Our team are currently in good health and intermittently available with vans if anybody needs supplies delivered. We also all have phones if anyone is lonely and needs a chat - message us on our socials and we'll give you a tinkle! <3 

We Love You all and we cannot wait to dance and play with you again. Stay safe and well

Love the team @ NST


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