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by Melissa Compton in Norwich, England, United Kingdom



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Norwich Nights Magazine is currently a monthly print and online magazine focusing on food, theatre, gaming, and books based in Norwich.

by Melissa Compton in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

I'm Melissa, editor and creator of Norwich Nights Magazine, back in 2019 I was simply an author and a student in Cardiff until I wrote a life-changing review of a theatre show for a local magazine, less than a year later and after writing many reviews I moved to Norwich and started Norwich Nights I had two aims in mind to write a magazine that focused on the areas I had experience in writing about food, theatre, gaming and books, but also I wanted to bring writing about gaming into the mainstream media frustrated that gaming was restricted to blogs and specialised magazines. I also wanted a publication with values, we don't cold call people, our advertising is restricted to 1/4 of the magazine ensuring a better experience for our readers and our advertisers, we have charity rates to enable charities to use our advertising these are 10% of our usual rates, I offer free inclusion of books details to authors - all authors and offer free blog posts I wanted to support the communities that have supported me as well as producing the very best magazine I could, unfortunately, we launched February 2020 and were just starting to build an audience when COVID hit to date I have personally put over £400.00 into the magazine to keep it going but I have exhausted my savings and can no longer afford to do so as a start-up we are not entitled to any of the government support and the only scheme that may have helped has been suspended by the Arts Council to contribute to the Emergency Fund, this month saw our online audience double and our social media followers rise, yet lack of finance is likely to mean we will have to cease the print copy and could see the magazine cease all together by the end of the year. The money raised will be used to cover the production cost of the print issue, printing, postage, advertising, the software required to produce the magazine. we keep our costs as low as possible but it costs £420.00 to produce each issue. The hope is to move to a bi-monthly production and raise enough money to fund a September, oct-November, Dec-Jan issues while the magazine works to recover the loss of income COVID has brought.

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