Save The Olive Branch El Chorro!

by Mel and Gary at The Olive Branch El Chorro in Álora, Málaga, Spain

Save The Olive Branch El Chorro!


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Please help us Mel and Gary, save our home and The Olive Branch accommodation and welcome everyone back in 2021!

by Mel and Gary at The Olive Branch El Chorro in Álora, Málaga, Spain

We are Mel and Gary, owners of The Olive Branch Guesthouse in El Chorro, Malaga, Spain near the famous Caminito Del Rey gorge walk. We have been building our ´Home away from home´ for the last 13 years, the Olive Branch is our family home, home to our 12 year old son, and its our heart and soul!

Spain is in semi lockdown, which means people can not travel outside of their own town, but the hotel sector is not in full lockdown, so we can not apply for any government funding. We are doing everything in our power to change our stream of income during this time, but we need your help!

We hope that 2020 is not our last year of the 13 year journey it has taken us to build a beautiful home and accommodation for climbers/hikers/mt-bikers and visitors from all around the world to stay. We are an important part of the climbing and outdoor community, our guests provide support to El Chorro and Alora businesses, we want to be able to continue.

We are running out of money in order to survive, we don't qualify for any social security help, so any money we raise will really help us.

We have some ´green´ projects to help reduce the running costs of the house, the funding will help us realise these projects too.

Lastly, we have some regular visitors that bring guests/clients with mental health problems, using climbing to overcome depression. We want to continue to be able to support these groups.

In exchange some of the donations we are offering allow you to use your donation for your future stays with us! The bonus for us is we get to see you! (Subject to availability)

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