by The NTIA in United Kingdom



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Please support our fight to protect everyone within the night time industry to ensure they have a fighting chance of survival!

by The NTIA in United Kingdom

The Night Time Industry Association 

The NTIA is the voice of the Night Time Economy & Events sector. Working tirelessly on behalf of late-night business to increase awareness and understanding of the sectors contribution to the UK Economy and wider Community! 

“The NTIA is led by people who care passionately and work tirelessly for our night time industry. They do not do it as a day job, or for profit or gain. They do it because they know from personal experience what it means to confront the challenges that this industry endures. They do it because they feel the pressure, but they know what needs to be done to resist it; they know how to do it, and they make it happen. This is full on, front line representation for a full on, front line industry. It changes things. That’s the difference.” ~ Sarah Clover - Licensing and Planning Barrister (Kings Chambers)

We are calling everyone in the Night-Time Industry!

We need your help do something remarkable!

With many of us facing uncertain times, redundancies, and losing entire businesses, it is now time to stand up and challenge those who are suffocating our industry. Unreasonable and nonsensical restrictions such as the 10 pm curfew and background music restrictions whilst offering absolutely no financial support for businesses and workers within the sector, the government continues to place the night-time sector into exile with no evidence to support their decisions!

Now is your chance to get involved, raise much-needed funding, and come together to support our cause in a fight to protect those viable businesses and everyone within them to ensure they have a fighting chance of survival through this pandemic!

The fighting agenda

Yes, that's right, we are challenging the top decision-makers, involved in executing these unreasonable terms; with the help of a team of top political advisors, and industry specialists, we are paving the way to directly challenge the government and demand they remove barriers preventing viable businesses trading profitably, drive the agenda for re engaging businesses that have been closed. More importantly we need to get Government to deliver an immediate sector specific financial support package for the workforce and businesses, taking into account the trading conditions that we have been presented with by them. We have brought together a team of experts which will be instrumental in challenging Government on Economic, Medical, Scientific, Public Realm and Legal grounds in the greatest fight of our life - For Survival!

We need the Government to Step Up! Remove Barriers and work with us as a Sector to get immediate financial support & work towards a safe mechanism for opening an entire sector - Saving Millions of Jobs / Professional Freelancers and Businesses!

We now need your help to fund our campaign!

We are moving into a critical part of our campaign to #Savenightlife and protect an entire sector from collapse. The next stage of our campaign requires some specific expertise which will help ramp up the momentum and pressure on government decision making. Without this additional funding we jeopardise everything we have already achieved, and we cannot risk not being able to achieve this final drive in momentum. We must continue to fight on behalf of everyone who has lost or is in jeopardy of losing their job or their business, and for an industry that has been utterly discriminated against from the start of this pandemic.

We must fight fire with fire - Science with Science! We are the experts of our Industry and the holders of our future - We must drive the agenda with Government!


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