Save The New Inn, Norton Lindsey

Save The New Inn, Norton Lindsey and help make it Warwickshire's first community owned pub. This is a once in a life-time opportunity!

We did it!

On 12th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £334,000 of £300,000 target with 25 investors in 35 days
Community Share Project

We face a once in a lifetime opportunity, not only to save our pub.... but to make it the community hub of the village and with your support we can make it happen.  

The New Inn, Norton Lindsey closed its doors in July 2016 and was put up for sale by Enterprise Inns.  The pub had been designated an 'Asset of Community Value' which gave the village one opportunity to bid for the pub.  The 'intention to bid' was submitted, putting the sale into a moratorium period, which has given the community 20 weeks to raise the funds and submit their bid before the property goes back on the open market on 8th December 2016. Time is tight so we need your help NOW!

What have we done so far?

A Steering Group called the Salvation Squad was formed with the sole intention to save The New Inn! 

So far we have set up a Community Benefit Society (Norton Lindsey Community Pub Limited), had a building survey carried out,  negotiated the purchase of the premises with Enterprise Inns and had our offer accepted, written a Business Plan, opened a bank account, registered for VAT, obtained EIS advanced assurance from HMRC, been mentioned in parliament - Taking our cause to Parliament, made Saturday night TV , Locals club together to save pub, we've even recorded a song for Christmas! The New Inn Choir - A song for Christmas

.....and after 15 weeks and many late nights we launched our share offer!  It's time to see if we really can save our village pub.  Not only that, if we are successful this will be the 1st community owned pub in Warwickshire! 

How can you help?

The New Inn has been in Norton Lindsey since 1750 so we are not ready to let it go just yet, but we need your help.   If you've ever found yourself dreaming of owning your own pub or maybe you just want to join the campaign trail and help save a village pub from the developers, whatever your motivation, this is your opportunity to own a share in Warwickshire's 1st community owned pub.  

What you need to do

We are offering you the chance to invest in The New Inn by buying shares in Norton Lindsey Community Pub Limited.  The minimum purchase is £250 with the maximum set at £60,000.  Shares are only available until 30 November 2016  and on a first come first served basis.

As a shareholder you will:

  • have an investment that qualifies for EIS relief and may qualify for ‘business relief’ under inheritance tax rules.  Please refer to our Share Offer for full details.   Important:  we cannot advise you on your own financial or tax position or decision on whether to invest in the Norton Lindsey Community Pub Limited.  Please seek your own independent financial and/or tax advice when deciding whether to invest in this share offer
  • have done something special to help social inclusion and improve the well-being of a rural community
  • be able to vote at the Society's Annual General Meeting on a 'one member-one vote' basis
  • have the potential to receive an annual interest payment when profits allow. Please refer to our Share Offer for full details

Please download our Business Plan and Share Offer below for more information.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our 'Local Angels' that have allowed this project to get off the ground and to date have raised £122,000.  

Here are some who have agreed to 'show their wings'

Who are the Salvation Squad?

ROB BROOK- Partnerships Team Leader & Steering Group Chair

My Day Job:   Managing Director of VTG Rail Ltd (Rail Wagon Leasing Company)

My reason for getting involved:   My reason for volunteering is that we moved to the village just before last Christmas and the pub was a big factor in why we chose Norton Lindsey. I do not want to see the pub lost forever and to see houses on that historic site. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity not only to save The New Inn but to make it something more, a real community hub.

LUCY BOYES - Communications Team Leader

My Day Job:   Client Services Director at Leader Communications Ltd (Marketing/PR/Design agency)

My reason for getting involved:   I moved into the village relatively recently. Having a young family, I want to us to use the pub as a social hub for both myself and my husband to enjoy on rare date nights, along with a great place for us to come with the kids and meet new faces and friends! I also feel that The New Inn, being an Inn since 1750, provides such an important historic landmark and centrepiece to the village and one definitely worth saving!

GREG JUDD - Property Team Leader

My Day Job:   Senior Director of GVA (Property Advisers)

My reason for getting involved:   It’s so important to be able to stroll to the village pub for a drink with friends and family and not have to worry about who is driving home or getting a taxi. We’ve just returned from a family holiday in Italy where the bar is the hub of the village for all ages throughout the day. Young mums sipping cappuccinos and enjoying cake, kids excitedly buying ice creams, village elders playing cards and workers dropping in for a glass of wine or beer at the end of the day. We can create a community hub in Norton Lindsey!

AMY BIRCH - Fundraising Team Leader

My Day Job:   Manager at Langham Walsh Chartered Accountants Solihull

My reason for getting involved:   Having moved to the village three years ago, I realised quickly that the pub was incredibly important to the village. The village has such a huge community spirit and I believe the pub has been integral in keeping that spirit alive. Right now the choices are ours to make, do we want a pub, a café, a shop, the possibilities are available to us now but once the pub is gone so are our choices.


Operations Team Leader

My Day Job:  Retired, formerly CEO of a Charity, Further Education College Principal

My reason for getting involved:   I want to keep our village pub! The New Inn offers a place to drink regularly with friends, a handy place to eat, either for lunch or dinner and has been a lively place on Friday Nights. In addition it’s an ideal venue for Birthday celebrations, Quiz Nights etc. and a place to bump into people you wouldn’t otherwise see very often.

ZANNA PATCHETT - Legal Team Leader

My Day Job:   In-House Solicitor at REPL Group Worldwide Limited (a technology consultancy and software development company)

My reason for getting involved:  After moving to the village in 2008, we quickly got to know people from meeting our neighbours at The New Inn.  We feel like we are part of a very special community in Norton Lindsey, the likes of which are not seen in very many places nowadays, and the pub has a big part to play in bringing the village together.  We have some very special memories already of family visits to the pub, including holding our children’s christening party there.

PHILIP LONDON – Business Plan Team Leader

My Day Job:   Finance Director at Paintbox Group (supplier of high end painted parts to the automotive industry)

My reason for getting involved:   I moved to Norton Lindsey from Bishampton, a village where the local pub had lost its way but was saved by the local community.  Under community ownership it has been transformed into a thriving model of what a village pub should be.  I want to help The New Inn become the same!

Business Plan              Share Offer                         

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