Save The Market Hall Project

by creativekitchenmusic in Brynmawr, Wales, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st March 2017 we successfully raised £18,945 with 1003 supporters in 56 days

We are raising funds to save one of Wales land mark cinemas & cultural venues.

by creativekitchenmusic in Brynmawr, Wales, United Kingdom

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Sue Watkins 10th February 2017

£50 donated from Alan & Sue Watkins and Caron & Paul Young from Caerphilly. Cannot believe you've been put in this position by your local council. Really do hope you can open that beautiful cinema soon x

ian.taylor 9th February 2017

I sincerely hope you meet the target needed. I have pledged and passing on the word. It's been a fresh of fresh air even when others gave up on it. Please support this for all the community.

Amy Hirons 9th February 2017

Donated and shared. My son and I love visiting the Market Hall Cinema. You are a local gem and it will make us so sad if you had to close. Good luck. xx

Mark Stephens 6th February 2017

This cinema is part of the community and life blood of the town of brynmawr is should be saved. It is run by the people for the people lets all pledge and guarantee its future.

mattuk91 6th February 2017

This cinema is amazing me and my girlfriend go there regular and we was gutted to hear that it had to close in November due to the asbestos and hope that everybody who uses it will donate to keep this excellent cinema alive and going for another 100 years or more.

creativekitchenmusic 5th February 2017

Hi Everyone... A big thanks to you all for the wonderful and supportive comments you've posted and for all the money you've pledged over the last two days. The trustees, staff, volunteers and everyone involved in the day to day running of the project would like thank you with all our hearts, as this has really bolstered our efforts and brought a new level of optimism to our work. It is totally unbelievable that we reached the 10k mark in under 24 hours and we have 'you' our supporters/patrons/friends to thank for all this... Once again you have our total gratitude and appreciation for all your help...

Michael Ransom  5th February 2017

This place is awesome, had many of amazing experiences here. Can't for the life of me see why some people would want to see this place closed, can't understand it????....if our 'so-called' councillors cant see what a great place this is, then they want there heads read, the Markethall Cinema has been great to myself, family, friends & the whole big city, so if we can't get the support off our council or whoever then pledging my support really is a no brainer. Really looking forward to seeing those doors open again, they've been shut too long....reckon we'll have a fight on our hands to get at the front of that queue when they do????

Tim Williams 5th February 2017

What a great cinema. Many memories as a boy and father. Don't want to travel to the cinema, like it local and walking distance. Keep it open, hope my pledge helps (I will save this much in petrol costs alone).. this needs to stay open

Tim Williams 5th February 2017

WHat a great cinema. Many memories as a boy and father. Don't want to travel to the cinema, lime it local and walking distance. Keep it open, hope my pledge helps (I will save this much in petrol costs alone)

Gavin Eynon 4th February 2017

Donated. I remember my grandfather (born 1900) telling me that when he was little his father had taken him to see a Charlie Chaplin film at this cinema but his father walked out because he got annoyed when CC tried to mend a clock with a hammer. Perhaps films and the twentieth century were a step too far for him. I hope it stays open.

rich 4th February 2017

I just pledged my council Tax payment, i think you will make better use of it than the council will. Good Luck.

Scott Carey  4th February 2017

Great place, great people & a fantastic centre for our community! Just let me know if there's anything more we can do to help #saveourcinema

Hannah Foley 4th February 2017

The cinema was a big part of my childhood and I'd love to make it a big part of my daughter's childhood too!! Dig deep Brynmawr and lets get the cinema reopened!!!

creativekitchenmusic 4th February 2017

Hi all, thank you so much for all your comments and donations, we are truly overwhelmed with the response we've had in under 24 hours! To see such passion and love from the community for the Market Hall is truly inspiring. Thanks from all involved in the project to you all, for keeping this wonderful community venue in your hearts and for your generous donations. J

Louise Jones-Williams 4th February 2017

Just donated and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. Can't imagine this town without you! I feel sure your thousands of supporters will do anything you need to help! X

Neil Roach 4th February 2017

Just donated and shared. What the council have done to you guys is beyond abhorrent and I sincerely hope that the Market Hall Cinema will once again open it's doors to a public so desperate for this LOCAL service. Thank you so much for saving this remarkable place.

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