Save the Leas Pavilion - Stage One

Friends of the Leas Pavilion are hoping to restore the Pavilion to its former glory and for it be part of the Folkestone community once more

We did it!

On 27th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £9,840 of £4,000 target with 199 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We did it in less than a week! Thanks to all our lovely pledgers - we have achieved our initial goal of £4000.  Simply amazing and only goes to show how much people love this building.  

But it doesn't stop here, so now we've  stretched our goal and are going to aim for some extra funds which can  help us secure possession of the Pavilion and then actually secure the Pavilion itself as it's in great danger from the weather and intruders.  We will be able to cover costs of reproducing the lovely architectural drawings from 1902, which are being offered as rewards to some pledgers and to finance fundraising events. 

Every penny pledged goes towards saving the Pavilion and it's going to need a lot of pennies!

The Grade II Pavilion is currently derelict, having suffered years of neglect since it fell into disuse in 2010. Planning permission was granted in April 2015 to build 68 flats to surround the Pavilion. As a response to local community concerns the Friends of the Leas Pavilion (FLP) was formed in April 2015 to try to bring the building back into sustainable use as a community hub as part of the regeneration of Folkestone. Our intention is to gain ownership/control of the building through liaison with the current owners to obtain a 100 year lease.

Stage One is  for start-up funding  to allow the project to go forward and apply for a Heritage Enterprise Grant.  We have applied for a Start Up Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund but this has a £10k cap and we need a bit more funding to get things done. This includes:

  • To fund mentoring/training for those involved in the project to enable us to lead and deliver, and make informed decisions.
  • Legal fees for lease negotiations with the owner.
  • Detailed surveys to firm up on the capital requirements of the project. 
  • To establish FLP as a Community Benefit Society in order to engage the community.
  • Business planning to firm up on the revenue needs of the project post-completion.

The start-up project will enable us to research and develop detailed plans for restoration and ongoing conservation management. Restoration will allow the Pavilion to play a part in the ongoing regeneration of Folkestone and become not only an asset to the community but also a visitor attraction. When the project is completed the building will have multiple uses for the local community, opening up the heritage to the maximum number of people. Our aim is to manage the restoration project and plan for the future heritage maintenance and economic viability of the Pavilion. 

Everyone who pledges will get first refusal to purchase community shares and a huge thank you. Remember, if we don't reach our Crowdfunding target, then your pledges won't be processed and you won't receive your rewards so please promote this project to friends/family/the world!

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