Save the honey bees! Start up beekeeping project.

Save the honey bees! Start up beekeeping project.

I aim to raise enough to fund 2 complete honey bee hives, learning the art of beekeeping & keeping this essential species from extinction.

We did it!

On 22nd May 2017 we successfully raised £1,395 of £1,125 target with 81 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

WELL DONE! We met the target!

Check out what we can do if we meet the £2000 Stretch Target!

WELL DONE! We met the target! Check out what we can do if we meet the £2000 Stretch Target:

  • Take over 2 estabilshed hives from a retiring beekeeper - hopefully get your honey quicker!
  • Set up a further brand new hive with honey bees.
  • Help SAVE even more Honey Bees and protect their future!

Thank you to you all for such great support, it's been second to none! But the more we raise, the more can help, so if you can continue to pledge and share until the project closes, we can see how many more hives we can get up and running! This is an even better opportunity to help the bees, and create more established colonies within the apiary.

And...more hives means more of these.... Queen Bees!!



Background Information:

Honey bees are drastically decreasing in population and they are essential to our lives. Not only do they provide us with delicious honey, but they pollinate so many crops, trees and flowers that provide food for us humans. Without them, we may not even be able to survive!

I think they're fascinating, and have been learning about them for some time. I am currently on a beginners practical course in beekeeping, and would love to start raising my own colonies this year. This way I believe we can help save these amazing creatures, and help the environment for our future generations too.

What's more; the average age of beekeepers is well over 50 years old. I am just 29, and would love to bring awareness to younger enthusiasts, and to inspire more people to keep bees, whatever their age! I'd love to be able to help educate people, young and old, about this wondful species, whether that be in groups or individually.

Project Aim:

I am hoping to raise enough funding to create a two hive start-up apiary, including 2 new 'nucs' (mini hives that bees are bred in) of bees, as well as a couple of bee suit to help prevent getting stung, and for visitors to come and observe with me.

Of course 2 hives doesn't sound like it will make much difference. But there's up to around 60,000 bees in each hive at peak summer times, and they will naturally want to swarm. With appropriate management, the colonies can be effectively 'split' each time this occurs, to create more colonies, and therefore more chances for survival of their race!


There is a new apiary being up in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex, and I aim to have my hives located here.

Natural Reward!

Although not the biggest reason for me to be keeping bees, they do create some lovely honey as well! No honey is generally collected in the first year due to the bee numbers increasing, but I would hope to get a jar to each contributor when my first honey crop is harvested next year. Yum!

I hope you find this a worthy cause, and of course if you have any questions feel free to email me at 

Thank you! And all the best!



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