High Street Development for Start-ups

High Street Development for Start-ups

The aim is to redevelop areas of decline in town centres throughout the UK to help start-ups gain high-street presence.

We did it!

On 1st Feb 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

 MLS Limited is a Property Management & Construction company providing innovative cost effective solutions across the globe. The company was formed in October 2015 and founded by Michael Lingard Smith, a Cost and Planning Consultant. 

We plan to be so much more than just a development company or a development consultancy. We dedicated to redeveloping declining areas with start-ups in mind. We can bring development management, cost management, sustainable land development town planning advice and interior design to the table.

The intention is to use the funding recieved to bring on board a Project Manager, Estimator and Business Development Manager to help identify opportune areas in UK towns and villages which require help with property management for start-up and small business and purchase high street units.

Initially this funding will help to secure between 4 - 10 units to enable the business to start work and help start-ups grow with flexible payment options including equity offerings.

The aim is to provide modern and spacious units at low costs to help businesses in multiple industries capitilise from having a high-street presence.

The business has two revenue streams which will feed each other to help sustain a lasting business which can support the local community and also UK wide with the profits from construction contracts and clients being utilised to purchase more properties for regeneration.

My sole business value is to regernate buildings and communities in decline by creating jobs for local people whilst supporting business start-up projects throughout the UK.


How it works

We have structured this campaign in a way which means that even if the full amount is not raised, any amount raised will still be put towards to growth project and most importantly helping start-ups!

By pledging your cash in my business, you are effectively pledging your cash in multiple start-ups covering multiple industries.

All donations required your details including full address so we can issue all the relevent information.

Everyone who donates cash to this business will be invited to our 1st Year Business Review in 2016 where we will showcase how the business has performed along with live bands, food and refreshments.





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