Herefordshire School's Development Project

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Herefordshire School's Development Project

The Herefordshire Schools Football Association

We did it!

On 7th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £45 with 4 supporters in 56 days

The Herefordshire Schools Football Association

-       What is the English Schools Football Association? The English Schools Football Association is the governing body of Schools Football in England as sanctioned by The Football Association and the Department of Education. Within every County Football Association structure there is a member of the English Schools Football Association who will represent the interests of the Schools Football Association, and organise all schools football within the county.

 -       What is The Herefordshire Schools Football Association? The purpose of the Herefordshire Schools Football Association is to create an environment for local footballers to develop and be upskilled, something that is only possible through creating an environment of the highest quality. There Herefordshire Schools Football Association also create and run all schools fixtures and tournaments within the county. The Herefordshire Schools Football Association achieve the high quality environment through the providing of highly qualified coaches, who are provided with top quality training equipment and constantly update their skillset with the latest methods and ideas. The excellent environment is further presented through the use of the top facilities within the county, this includes both grass and 3G facilities for both tournaments, match days and training sessions.

 -       Why do we need this support? Due to recent budget cuts and the increased development programme throughout The Football Associations structure, the Herefordshire Schools Football Association have recent seen a reduction in their budget, causing a restriction in the amount of opportunities that can be created. This is why the Herefordshire Schools Football Association are looking to crowd fund a minimum of £2000.00 in order to continue to offer a high quality environment, with exciting opportunities to players within the county.

-       What will be done with the money? The Herefordshire Schools Football Association will utilise the money raised to fund co-ordinators costs to increase the provision of football within the county. The funding will be used to purchase new kit and equipment, the hiring of facilities, the payment of officials and will be used to employ and upskill staff. This money will be reinvested in providing the player who participate in schools football within the county a superior environment within which to safely participate.

-       How can you help? If you can’t donate money, then please could you help us by spreading the word about our crowd funding project? We are constantly looking for more support and help, do not hesitate to contact the Herefordshire Schools Football Association if you can help in any other way! Please contact Dan Chance via email ( or by telephone 01432 342 179 if you have an questions.

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