by Save the Heart of Kendal in Kendal, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 16th January 2020 we successfully raised £1,210 with 28 supporters in 69 days

To stop the proposed Kendal flood risk scheme and for our community to invest in long term sustainable and natural flood risk management.

by Save the Heart of Kendal in Kendal, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Initial consultation with natural flood management  specialists. 

Save the heart of Kendal was set up by a group of  people that live in and around Kendal and care deeply about our town and the river, trees, wildlife, heritage and natural environment. We believe the current three phase flood management scheme will be devastating for the appearance and infrastructure of our area.  

Phase one  is due to commence in Feb 2020 when approx. 545 riverside trees are due to be felled (the green lungs of our town) and  a 7km long, 1.5m height concrete wall constructed along the riverside area from Kentrigg to Helsington.  As well as creating an ecosystem to provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, every large tree drinks up to 100 gallons of water per day, absorbs up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and supply's a days oxygen for up to four people. 

Phase two and three are still not confirmed to date and involve upstream flood management measures ( phase 3 - construction of massive dam). There  are ongoing issues with land acquisition due in part to technical and legal issues. Our area already has existing underused reservoirs that could be utilised for temporary water storage and flood relief. 

Our vision is for Kendal to invest in a  long term flood managment scheme that concentrates on using natural and non destructive flood storage and relief measures ie stores water in existing reservoirs, plant at least 1 million trees in the catchment areas, restore and re-meander the river, create green and blue floodplains to minimise groundwater etc. 

To achieve this we intend to kickstart a massive publicity campaign to highlight the above concerns and to achieve this your support is vital. 

Firstly, a petition has been raised to send to the Secretary of State for the Environment so please read and sign - http:/ 

Funding will enable us to print and distribute thousands of leaflets to Kendal residents outlining the above issues and misinformation spread by the Environment Agency and SLDC to generate public interest and media coverage (using environmentally friendly materials when possible).

 Also, any extra funding will be used to secure an initial consultation with natural/ sustainable flood risk management  specialists .

Thankyou for reading this and supporting this cause.

 For more in depth information, how to sign the petition and other ways to become involved please visit the Facebook page - Save The Heart of Kendal.

 Also on Twitter @KendalSave or SaveTheHeartofKendal.

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