Save the Family Home

by Eleanor Payne in France

Save the Family Home
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Please help us to save the family home and continue to share memories amongst our entire family within the walls we have known for 80 years.

by Eleanor Payne in France

Recently, the family home that has been occupied by us for 80 years, has to be sold due to the health of our grandma who has become too frail to continue to live there. The property had never been previously lived in and was a farm that my grandparents lovingly converted to the family home it is today. 

Over the years we have enjoyed all our warmest memories here, I was born in the house, I have spent all my Christmas' in the house as well as long summers, running around in the garden with all my cousins. This is a family project that we will have to let go should we not be able to find the money to buy it. Our aim is to be able to pay our Grandma in order for her to move to a smaller property close by and for me and my partner to restore this beautiful property and allow all our family to continue to share the memories that we have done for so many years. 

I am in the process of launching my own marketing business, but this a sure and steady process that simply will not be able to create nearly enough funds before it is too late and the house has been sold. My partner is cleaning boats and completing maintenance tasks all the hours that he possibly can.  

This is a plan for the long term, we want to spend the rest of our lives in this home, have children here and leave the property to them when we are no longer around. This is not something we will ever lose our connection with and the thought of an investor buying the property to saddens us beyond belief. 

There are already people interested that are planning to knock down this charming home and build a new modern house to simply sell it on and make money out of our loss. We simply wish to be able to secure the house are ours before their offer is accepted. 

Clearly, we would rather work to earn the money for the house ourselves but there is simply not enough time and not enough money. 

Anything you feel able to donate to us would be greatly appreciated and never forgotten. 


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