Help save the Sotira 10

To raise funds to enable 10 healthy dogs currently behind bars in a Cyprus pound to avoid being euthanised and fly to a new life in the UK

We did it!

On 30th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,255 with 11 supporters in 28 days

The Sotira 10 are a group of small dogs (pinschers/mini pinschers) who through no fault of their own find themselves behind bards in a dog pound in a small village called Sotira in Eastern Cyprus.  If not helped they will be euthanized!

We cannot let these dogs be euthanized!  With the fantastic help of the Mayflower Sanctuary based in Doncaster and run by Jennie Foxall, we have the opportunity to give these dogs another chance of having a loving and happy life they deserve in the UK.

To do this, we need your donations to help fund the cost of getting them to their new life in the UK which includes flights, vaccinations, passport, microchips, neutering and worming and flea treatment.   Please help us to make this happen for these dogs.

This particular group of dogs were confiscated from their owner who was using them as breeding machines to make money and were found to be living in appalling conditions.  Many of the dogs owned by this owner have died in the past as a result of not receiving necessary medical or basic general care.

There are over 200,000 abandoned dogs in Cyprus which only has 800,000 inhabitants.  Many cypriots do not believe in having their animals neutered which results in many unwanted dogs and cats in particular who are regularly abandoned on motorways, boxes at the side of the road, in fields, etc.  These animals end up walking the streets where they have a high risk of getting knocked down, poisoned or in pounds, many of which operate a 15 day policy.  If the animal  is not claimed within that time, they are euthanized!





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