Save the British Bees! Cider & Honey Education

by Tom Menyena in Caerleon, Gwent, Wales

Save the British Bees!  Cider & Honey Education

To create an outdoor educational resource for schools in the production of honey and the keeping of bees.

by Tom Menyena in Caerleon, Gwent, Wales

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The overall project

The aim is to establish a healthy colony of native British bees adjacent to a large woodland named "Wentwood" located in south east Wales. Once the bee colony has been established local schools will be able to access the Bee colony to undertake educational visits. Educational resources and projects will be created for both primary and secondary visits that encompass cross curricula subjects.

The key steps of the project

1. Undertake an update keeping course

2. Acquire been keeping equipment

3. Purchase farmland

4. Develop educational resources.

Why the interest in bees?

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live?"
~ Albert Einstein

It is the only insect that produces food eaten by humans.

Health benefits of honey:
* Helps with Allergies
* Energy Booster
* Memory Booster
* Cough Suppressant
* Helps with Sleeping
* Helps with Dandruff
* Helps with Scrapes and Burns
* Helps with Herpes
* Can be Used as a Moisturizer
* Helps Soothe Acid Reflux
* Boosts the Immune System
* Helps Prevent and Fight Cancer
* Honey for Hangovers
* Helps with Acne
* Increases Sex Drive
* Treats Sinus Issues
* Treats Yeast Infections
* Helps with Gum Disease
* Is a Natural Sweetener, but Beware of Lame Honey
* Helps with Eczema
* Helps with Cholesterol.

Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water; and it's the only food that contains "pinocembrin", an antioxidant associated with improved brain function .

A powerful immune system booster. It's antioxidant and antibacterial properties can help improve digestive system and help you stay healthy and fight disease.

Honey possesses carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties!

Honey possesses natural antioxidant and therapeutic properties that were able to prevent cognitive decline and dementia

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£1,000 Reward

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