Save the Blue Abyss

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Project by Dr Simon Oliver

Save the Blue Abyss

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Project by Dr Simon Oliver


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We've done everything we can to maintain our projects and support our staff through the Covid crisis. Now we need your help!


For the past year we have been working tirelessly to maintain our conservation projects and support our staff and the community that we reside in without being able to bring in any revenue because of the Covid crisis. Unfortunately the Philippine government is unable to provide support for enterprises like ours, or the locals that are part of our family.  With international travel restrictions set to continue well into 2022, we are reaching out to ask for your help!


As businesses, NGOs, and social organisations crumble under the pressures of the pandemic, the infrastructure that supports our community is under threat.  Food poverty is becoming a serious issue and people are being forced to resort to destructive extraction techniques to harvest fish for consumption, coral for building materials, and rare and exotic shells for the overseas souvenir trade. Conserving our ocean is becoming less and less of a priority with each day that passes.  


We have boots on the ground, ready and willing to put in the work to try and combat these issues and support our local residents but we need your help to continue. 100% of your donations will go towards developing sustainable employment solutions to offset the need for the extraction of local marine resources, enhancing protection for our marine habitats, community outreach programmes, and beach and reef clean ups.



We are a conglomerate of marine conservationists, scientists, marine wildlife photographers, and passionate divers who have been working to put a little bit back into the ocean for the past 25 years.  We developed Blue Abyss as a business enterprise that incorporates a dive shop, resort, and restaurant as a means to support these efforts through direct funding contributions (sourced from our capital profit), and public outreach activities.  We host research expeditions, undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, and research interns who monitor the relative health of our reef systems, and run our public outreach activities through our ecotourism client base.    



Our affiliate activities have influenced the passing of four legislative packages to enhance the management and protection of marine species and their habitats at local, regional, and national levels in the Philippines. Our research and conservation work and our development of a sustainable ethos for the tourism trade is well respected in our part of the world.


To show our appreciation we have developed a rewards system in which all of our doners will be listed on a dedicated 'Wall of Blue Abyss Heroes'. £10 donations will earn a flash disc preloaded with a video of our local marine wildlife.  We will seed and transplant a reef building coral for every £30 donation and document the process in a time lapse series of photographs for the donor.  We also have a set or rewards to incentivise donors to visit us in the future when travel restrictions permit which range from snorkel surveys to free SCUBA courses, food and accommodation (please see the rewards tabs on this page).

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