Save another small business from closing

by THE PARK BARBERS in London, England, United Kingdom

Save another small business from closing


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I'm trying to raise money to pay my landlord and bills to continue trading as my landlord demands rent .Any contribution would help us

by THE PARK BARBERS in London, England, United Kingdom

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Hi , I've been running a small barbers in Wimbledon Park and been forced to close for 6 of the last 9 landlord still demands rent and another 2 months at least will probably force me to closed down for good. Have run out of reserves and can't afford to keep paying rent for shop and house .government seems to not help much as im not getting self employed schemes due to them saying I'm not eligible as I registered shop in my name in December 2018 (was previously in brother's name but he left then) and was £67 short from qualifying therefore not received 1st ,2nd or 3rd grant so far. Any donations will be gladly appreciated ,not done this before,not a nice feeling but last resort. I need 3.5k a month just to run the shop without house , children and food so hard times .keep safe and hope I can keep trading and doing what we love and  keeping you all looking smart!. Thank you 

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