Save the Adam and Eve Wragby

by Daniel Johnson in Wragby, England, United Kingdom

Save the Adam and Eve Wragby
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising funds to save a community pub from being sold to be turned in to more houses or flats uk loses 180 pubs a month

by Daniel Johnson in Wragby, England, United Kingdom

My name is Daniel and i want to save the adam and eve in wragby 

The pub is up for sale and could be sold to be turned in to houses or flats

Uk's history of pubs goes back so long we lose 180+ pubs a week in the uk its a dying trade and i feel it should be brought back with i have a full business plan ready to go communities are dying villages tend not to know their locals anymore this is a pub worth saving.

Let's make 'Save the Adam and Eve Wragby' happen