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In the doggy world there are also some lovely teams that are a privilege to know and are genuine lovely people that would do anything to he

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On 9th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £25 with 2 supporters in 28 days

In the doggy world  there are also some lovely teams that are a privilege to know and are genuine lovely people that would do anything to help and support people. Laura and Jayde are an exceptional example of this.

However, amazing teams do occassionally need help too... and I am calling out to all of those lovely people out there to help and prove that this often strange world to outsiders is incredibly tight knit and is there for its members even in their darkest hour.

Laura would be mortified to ask for help herself, as she is such a down to earth person who doesn't like to ask for help, even when she is in desperate need of it... Which is why I have asked her dad for permission to start up this crowdfunding campaign to raise enough funds to keep 'the a-team' together and safe. 

They are in a situation that every responsible dog owner dreads. For security reasons I cannot elaborate further, but I can CATEGORICALLY SAY This is NOT your typical 'until dog' situation at all, and hopefully no one ever has to experience what Laura has. 

Due to very traumatic and difficult personal circumstances, Laura and Jayde have had to move out of their home for years. 

Despite Jayde being in training to be an assistance dog, and Laura has trained Jayde multiple tasks to help mitigate her severe anxiety and PSTD stemming from multiple horrible events in her life plus numerous health issues that have caused various financial difficulties that without , Laura would of not been able to deal with, Jayde has still been refused permission to stay with Laura.

Jayde was also nominated by someone for Crufts Friends For Life for how she has helped Laura turn her life around.

In addition to this Jayde has been recently diagnosed with a form of Canine epilepsy, which has of course caused extra daverstation- also forcing Jayde to be retired from various dog sports that she was showing huge promise in. 

As a result, Laura is currently staying with her dad and has been forced to have Jayde looked after by a family member. Due to the above difficulties that no person should EVER have to go through in their lives- the stuff Laura has been through in her life I would not wish upon my worst enemies, Laura is finding it difficult to find suitable affordable accommodation in Gloucester. 

Let's make sure this does not turn into a permanent arrangement for this beautiful team. Come on guys, think about if you were in this situation with your pup- let's move heaven and earth to reunite the A-team! 

Whatever you donate will be extremely appreciated. All of Lauras friends and family are very worried about them- if you can't afford anything please share this link, or if you know someone that could help these guys out of this miserable situation please get in touch. 







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