Save Testie the goldfish!

Save Testie the goldfish!

Help raise enough money for Testie the goldfish to have surgery to remove a tumour from above his left eye. He is a wonderful fish!

We did it!

On 7th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £105 with 5 supporters in 1 days

Testie the goldfish is the most friendly and loveliest fish in the world. I love him dearly and I am desperate to get him the surgery he needs to remove a tumour just above his left eye.  Please help! :)

One big fish with a big point to prove......

It all started just over ten years ago. I wanted to keep fish so I bought a fabulous new tank and set it up ready for my first pet fish. When I went to the pet shop I saw all kinds of fancy fish - I had my eye on a black fan tail fish - however, when I spoke to the woman in the shop she told me "Oh don't waste your money on fancy fish just yet, you need to know your tank is set up correctly. Why don't you buy a cheap goldfish to make sure it is fine, then you can buy more expensive fish". So that's how Testie (my test fish) came about.... a crash test dummy with a crash test attitude! 

To be honest I was quite taken aback when the lady in the pet shop suggested this - I mean why should the life of one fish be any less worthy than that of another? I went along with it though and picked a lovely energetic looking goldfish who was no more than just 2 inches long. I took him home and with some trepidation put him in the tank....

And he was just fine! I knew he would be because I knew my tank was setup correctly anyway. Testie has been my loyal fish friend for over 10 years now and is over 4 inches long.  He is the hardiest goldfish I know and nothing fazes him. When I put my finger up against the tank he comes over to say hello then does a little head shake/shudder with excitement, and despite him being a 'test' he has prospered.....

He's had many friends along the way - I did get that fancy fan tail fish in the end - but the others have come and gone. The only other fish equal to Testie was a goldfish called Finlay, they were best friends (and perhaps lovers) but that is another story! Testie has always endured, through illness and strife - he is one tough fish with a point to prove! 

However, as time has gone on he has developed a tumour just above his left eye and a smaller one on his back.......

They haven't caused him any trouble until now. Unfortunately the tumour is now pressing against his eye and I worry it will cause damage and pain. He could easily live for another 10 years I am sure! 

I have found a vet who can perform the surgery - which has been done before and is quite successful - but I am not that well off myself so I am asking for any fish/animal lovers out there to help me get Testie back to his old glorious self!

You may think it odd to go to such lengths for a goldfish, but as far as I am concerned a life is a life. Testie is a wonderful pet and I love him alot! :) 

Thank you x

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