Lifting Twintown out of Lockdown

by Anna Redfern in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom


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Twintown out of Lockdown is about breathing life back into Swansea's diverse cultural scene while encouraging custom at local indie shops.

by Anna Redfern in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom


My name is Anna Redfern.

Our Mum came to Swansea University to study as a penniless, single parent with 2 small kids in tow. She was wooed by the beaches and parks in abundance as well as the warm welcome from Swansea’s people. 38 years later we’re still here! Now a single-mum myself with 2 lively beautiful boys, & my youngest baby, Cinema&Co. Although our name might suggest otherwise, we are not just a cinema. We've evolved into a versatile & welcoming space for people from all walks of life to enjoy. Community is very much at the heart of everything we do. 


Cinema & Co. Castle St, Swansea.

“Guide them through song”

I finally felt confident enough to leave my youngest in the capable hands of my trusty team & left for a choral singing holiday (Organised by Kate Davies Singing) with my good friend Sarah to Morocco on March 8th 2020. 


The Singing Solidarity Sisters (& Geoff) Morocco, March 13th 2020.

News of a worldwide lockdown meant that our tickets home got cancelled, 3 times.  There were over 20 of us, uncertain as to whether we’d make it home at all. The bewilderment of this catastrophic turn of events was eased by seeking solace in song. Singing was a way of escaping from the global crisis we suddenly found ourselves in, bonding us together as a group even more. 2 days after we were due to return and 4 airports later, we finally made it home. 


Swansea, our ugly, lovely town.

"Listen the the sounds of our Pretty Shitty City"

The weather was glorious from the first day of lockdown. Every day I'd walk to the seafront getting my daily exercise allowance, passing boarded up shops, the streets devoid of human presence. That would all change the moment the sweeping seascape came into view. 1 of the most positive things to come out of lockdown is fully appreciating how lucky we are to live amongst Swansea’s scenic beauty. 

2 days into lockdown & inspired by my pretty, shitty city, I wrote a parody of Petula Clark’s Downtown “Twintown in Lockdown” with the initial intention of sharing the joys & health benefits of singing with others. I never dreamed at the time that we'd still be in lockdown over a year later. What started as a homage to Swansea, her people & her favourite film Twintown, has evolved into a collaborative project whose aims are to breathe life back into Swansea's severely lockdown-damaged hospitality industry & nightlife, encourage custom at local independent businesses while raising money for Matt's Cafe, who provide hospitality & hope for the vulnerable in the heart of Swansea. 

"Ambition is Critical"

Cinema & Co. Productions amidst challenging lockdown restrictions, have made a video to accompany Twintown in Lockdown. Its aim is to not only create awareness of our project, but also to celebrate our ugly, lovely town of contrast, Swansea’s warm & welcoming people, to uplift people’s spirits through song & to extend Matt’s Cafe’s ethos to everyone.

There will be a whole wealth of rewards on offer in addition to donations that directly support Swansea's artists, businesses & musicians. These rewards will take the form of:- 

  • Tickets to live performances of local acts at Cinema&Co. & other local independent venues (once we're allowed!)
  • Karaoke / Open Mic
  • Twintown’s 25th anniversary celebration tickets (outdoor venue/date tbc)
  • Admission to the premiere outdoor screening of Kevin Allen’s new film La ChaCha 
  • Swansea-centric art exhibitions by local artists 
  • vouchers to use in local independent shops, bars, cafes, etc. 

We’d really appreciate your support to smash our £5000 target. With your help we can kickstart Swansea’s culture scene, aid survival of local independent businesses after lockdown and celebrate our pretty, shitty city Swansea-style. 

“So maybe I’ll see you there we can forget all our troubles, 

forget all our cares when in Twintown!” 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

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25th Anniversary Screening of Twintown

Admit 1 to an outdoor screening celebrating 25 years of Swansea's favourite film Twintown. We'll transport you back to 90s Barons for a karaoke night and party like it's 1999. Venue & date tbc once corona's over.

£10 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Admit 1 - Ambition is Critical launch party

1 ticket to the launch of our Ambition is Critical live event showcasing Swansea's local musical talent at Cinema & Co. 20% of the ticket will go to Matt's Cafe & the remainder will be split between the performers. Hopefully with your help we can make this event a regular occurrence, providing a safe platform for Swansea's creatives to share their talents with the people of Twintown. Watch our socials for updates on who'll be performing.

£10 or more

Indie Voucher (food & drink)

These vouchers can be exchanged for goods with Swansea's participating independent traders such as Hoogah's, Kardomah, Joe's Ice-cream. 20% of the voucher goes to Matt's Cafe, once the voucher is redeemed the balance goes to the local business it was spent in. Check out our socials as more indie businesses are being added to the scheme.

£10 or more

£10 Indie Venue voucher

Entry and a pint or bottle of your choice at any of Swansea's participating venues. 20% of the voucher goes to Matt's Cafe, once the voucher is redeemed the balance goes to the local business it was spent in. Voucher valid for 6 months from date venue reopened in 2021

£15 or more

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Admit 1 - Premiere of La ChaCha by Kevin Allen

1 ticket to attend an outdoor screening somewhere in our pretty, shitty city . Be the first to see Kevin Allen's new film La ChaCha, starring many of Twintown's fantastic cast. Filmed under lockdown conditions, with zero budget, using smartphones on a farm on Gower, it is set to become a cult classic worthy of Twintown status. Due to be released once corona's over.

£20 or more

Pallet & Popcorn @ Cinema & Co.

For entry into a film @Cinema & Co. A pallet is the size of a 2-seater sofa and it's occupants will all receive fresh popcorn too. A reward with no expiry date.

£20 or more

Indie Voucher (retail)

These vouchers can be exchanged for goods with participating independent traders such as Hobo's, Exist, Hiatus. 20% of the voucher goes to Matt's Cafe then once the voucher is redeemed the balance goes to the local business it was spent in. Check out our socials as more indie businesses are being added to the scheme.

£40 or more

Pallet, Pizza & Popcorn @ Cinema & Co.

A voucher with no expiry date for a pallet seat (the size of a 2-seater sofa) a Positano Pizza & popcorn to share to watch a film at Cinema & Co.

£50 or more

Freeze with a Friend Cryotherapy Session

You get to chill out with a friend in the only whole-body cryotherapy chamber in South West Wales that's open to the public. Cold therapy has a wealth of benefits for health, wellbeing, beauty, recovery, the list goes on! The Swans & the Ospreys are regular users of whole-body cryotherapy, come and give it a go, you'll be hooked! Visit for more info.

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