by Suffolk Coastal FOE in Cransford, England, United Kingdom



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EDF Energy plans to build a massive new nuclear power station, Sizewell C, which will devastate the local wildlife and their rare habitats.

by Suffolk Coastal FOE in Cransford, England, United Kingdom

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Louise Gooch (ESC Cllr) 3rd August 2020

Helping to protect Suffolk's precious wildlife for all Suffolk inhabitants, present and future. We have the technological ability to make safe, clean, green energy - let's invest in this kind of future, instead.

Andrew Rouse 17th July 2020

Sizewell C - ludicrous idea considering the plummeting cost of renewable generation, and increasing opportunities for smarter demand side management

Maureen Colledge 14th July 2020

We don't need another nuclear power station. Renewables are now powering on and are much kinder to the environment. This site in Suffolk is a sensitive area which deserves protection not development.

D R Green 14th July 2020

Sizewell C will be a white elephant. By the time it is operational renewables will be far cheaper and for that we threaten a fantastic coast and associated habitats. Ridiculous idea!

Kirsten Hecktermann 14th July 2020

Destroying areas of such an important area of nature is insane and replacing it with a concrete jungle loaded with outdated technology which will take thousands of years to heal, if ever!

Georgina Lock 14th July 2020

Guided tours are a fantastic way of raising awareness ( including my own) of the glories the marshes shelter and what we all risk losing. Shall we have a writing workshop there?

catriona-d 13th July 2020

Your work is extremely valuable and I hope you succeed in raising enough money to combat the forces threatening the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Good luck.

Hilary Hardy 13th July 2020

I was shocked to see what could happen to our precious wildlife if these plans come to be realised. More people need to know about this- and surely they would object too. Solar and wind power on and off-shore are really coming into their own, plus other renewable technologies- we surely need to wait before committing this act of folly to the Suffolk environment.

Peter Lanyon 13th July 2020

We don't need either nuclear power or business as usual, to give us any slim chance of surviving rhe various crises we are inflicting on the planet - and therefore on ourselves, as dependent parts of it. Think of the consequnces if business as usual enables Sizewell C to go ahead - the unnatural chaos of a deserted and flooded building site on the Suffolk coast, a further impoverished fauna and flora, and not even us about to moan about it - because business as usual will have seen the death of us. That quickly too.

Philip Gordon 13th July 2020

We can't let this nuclear power station go ahead. Anyone who cares even a tiny bit about wildlife, Suffolk and it's future should oppose this ridiculous venture.

Susan Eckholdt 13th July 2020

We must send out a clear message to this evil Tory government that we have had enough of their destructive vanity projects. Prior to the GE both Greenpeace and FoE gave them THE worst score on environmental issues - need to get rid asap before they can destroy further.

Penny Hartland 9th July 2020

I love visiting Sizewell to see all the beautiful and rare wild flowers that grow along the back of the beach there. The Kenton Hills walk is a favourite. We don't want to lose this unique environment.

Linda Owen 8th July 2020

EDF ‘s publication came today regarding Sizewell C . A whitewash! All scientific/ environmental research has forecast sea level rise. Changeable weather patterns- great for a soft geological landscape. Apart from all that what destruction during & after development + plus a severe eyesore.


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