Save Simple First Aid by learning to save lives!

by Simple First Aid in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

Save Simple First Aid by learning to save lives!


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To keep Simple First Aid saving lives by delivering first aid courses to parents and reach our 2nd birthday!

by Simple First Aid in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

Hi. My name is Tania, proud and passionate owner of Simple First Aid.

Please help me to keep saving the lives of your family and neighbours.

I started Simple First Aid in 2018 after working for the British Red Cross for four years as a First Aid Trainer. It was when I was in this role that I realised that I have a passion for sharing my knowledge of first aid and how it can and does save lives. I am especially passionate about educating and giving confidence to new parents on simple first aid that is relevant to infants and children and I am proud to say that the skills that I have taught have saved the lives of two infants. 

I am an experienced and confident speaker and have had the privilege of presenting at numerous Parenting and Baby Shows in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland. I also hold small intimate classes through south west London and in your homes. I have worked collaboratively with different businesses and currently supporting different charities including Global Action Plan on a project helping people in the Brentford community from social isolation.

In 2018 I was awarded the Dunant Award by The Red Cross Movement for my work. 

I would also like to share with you some testimonials from parents who have attended my courses.

"Competent, experienced, friendly - that is my experience with Simple First Aid training. I highly recommend Simple First Aid. It was fun and I learned a lot! Thanks!" K Eikenberry 

"My husband and I cannot recommend this course enough. Not only is it informative, practical and comprehensive, but Tania is an empathetic, patient and affable instructor who understands the anxiety associated with the subject matter and welcomes interaction... and many questions! A must-have for any new parent." V Beck

2020 was shaping up to be a year of amazing growth for my business and March was going to be my busiest month to date. I was ready to employ a new team member so we could continue to share our knowledge and passion of first aid with more new people and continue to grow the business.

Sadly now I'm at a standstill. 

There's no knowing how long these measures will continue, or how businesses like mine will operate once lockdown is eased. Like many people, the impact on my business has left me with many questions, no answers and lots of challenges, and that's why I'm using crowdfunding pay it forward to ask for your support to help me to keep teaching life-saving skills to parents.

I've been working hard to come up with solutions and one way going forward is utilising social media, your donations will help me build an online business whilst we wait for physical activity to be allowed to be resumed.

Your support now for when we open again, can help us to keep going.

•    Please share this campaign with anyone you know

•    If you can, think about pre-booking a course or buying a gift 

•    If you are a charity please get in touch as I'm happy to support you on collaborative projects 

Please help me to keep saving lives.

Thank you and stay healthy.


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