Save Rainbow Bridge Cat Sanctuary

by Anthony O Brian in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

Save Rainbow Bridge Cat Sanctuary


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The Bank Wants £11000 in 3 weeks otherwise We lose St Francis Mission/Rainbow Bridge Cat Sanctuary; Our Home of 18 Years Thanks Fr Anthony

by Anthony O Brian in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom


                                              IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER

We need to raise 11 K IN 3 WEEKS to allow us to save the Mission St Francis Chapel Mass Centre, Homeless Outreach. Rainbow Bridge Cat Sanctuary & our Home We can manage with God Help the Rest Only 18 months to go to clear Mortgage . If you want to make your pledge a loan we will pay you back by Direct Debit On monthly basis God Bless Fr Anthony

18 Years ago we came from Manchester to Blackpool and purchased a house in Grosvenor St which we hoped would be an ideal Small  Guest House to supplement our Pension. However times have moved on from the fifties when people were happy to share a bathroom and toilet to en-suite. The rooms in any case were tiny. So sadly that idea was shelved and it was not until one day we had a call from Council asking us if we could take in an  abandoned kitten that was left or was forgot about in a bedsitter.  We took the little mite in, tried to locate the former owner who had left town. Word got around and over the years we took in hundreds of kittens and cats most thankfully are rehomed or passed on to Rainbow Bridge Heaven. Sadly our little garden is full of those road victims who we had to bury having scanned and if collar had ID informed the owners on My Moggy .com. We need to repay a loan and do essential structural work on the Sanctuary which is badly in need and beyond our budget. Vets bills are high and the average cost of an operation is £450 .We did in the past got funding but that Charity has closed so we need to put aside part of my Pension to cover these costs.  We are grateful to the small band of people who bring us newspapers ,cat food wet or dry and last year I got a pair of slippers to replace my old but beautiful fragile pair. Some of our cats require individual feeding including Fluff Fluff who featured in a Blackpool Gazette Article in April this year. We need to raise £11.000 to stop our Home , St Francis Mission Chapel and Our Cat Sanctuary Rainbow Bridge from been taken over by the Bank .Our Mortgage is up to date on a £125.000 House and we have just over 18 months to go to its end but the bank by creative accountancy have managed to bring a case for this amount of £11K Interest in 3 week. If you can help us to carry on our Mission 18 years we by Gods Good Grace have taken in unwanted ,abandoned injured kittens and nursed them back to like. We saved a family of 6 from a house in Charles St some years back . Gas explosion demolished the Guest House and next door as well, if we had not taken in the babies and mama they too would be dead. Their beautiful Blue African Parrot got killed and both Martin and wife are in wheelchairs. We feed the hungry by way of donated food and soup we donate to any branch of the Christian family. Clothes coats make it directly on to the backs of our brothers who pass our Mission daily for their Breakfast at Good Old Sally Ann at Rakes Parade. People come who have a drink problem or just out of prison for shoes trousers food and or money.  We never count the cost as their need is greater than ours . Vincent who came to us on hard times and 4 months latter came back to thank us and what a change, smart Oxfam Clothes and a beautiful pair of boots from another Charity Shop, where he was proud to tell us he only paid a pound for . When we invited 4 gents who had drink problem to have dinner with us outside on a Sunday. Comments "What is HE feeding those worthless  derelicts  for"   We would be grateful  If you would like to email or visit us We can give your our Charity Number and Charity Account in Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary. We currently feed house and medicate 36 cats and a further 5 in the Disused Office next door Paypal A/C If we can raise the money to stay We will ask the Good Archbishop to consider a Synod in Blackpool on us. As pensioners we struggle but are still good payers If you would consider a Loan we will repay by Direct Debit if your Terms are not eye watering God Bless You Fr Anthony 

If you can help us to survive and carry on our Mission or you want to visit do give us a call. Thank you and God Bless. Fr Anthony

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