Save Prince From Being Homeless

by Karl Hope in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

We did it
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Help Prince from being homeless, To get him somewhere safe to live, clothes, shoes, a job, and back into education so he can live again.

by Karl Hope in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


My name is Karl and I have decided to create this project so we can help save Prince, homelessness is a very sensitive topic due to many homeless people having a story to tell, We have been supporting prince and we believe it is time to step in and take over.

Prince was born in London, Eventually moved down to Leeds with his family and met his future wife, they both moved to Liverpool together to study (Prince was studying music) relationship struck and unfortunately ended, from this point Prince was on the streets, his family are none supportive and have the mentality of Liver by yourself or don't live at all.  When Prince became homeless he was unable to attend University due to his position, and student finance dropped his funding, however.. because prince is "Still classed as a student" he is unable to recieve any government help.

Prince is currently in hospital and has been for 3 weeks, When he became homeless he was sleeping at a homeless shelter, unfortunately due to Prince having a week immune system his body reacted from the toxins of other homeless people in the facility of users who are involved in crack and heroin, when these people sleep the toxins exhale from the body, and have had a bad effect on prince, hence why he is hospitalised.

Today, Saturday 25th August, Prince will be discharged, within the day he will be on the streets and at night he will be back in the homeless shelter, where he may be re hospitalised due to his condition, Prince needs his own place to stay where he can stay healthy and work back up the ladder.  

We started this project on People Help The People and had over 200+ people message us within a day wanting to support prince, He has received new shoes, clothes, a haircut, we have given him some money to get some proper hot meals and have been visiting him on a daily basis at the hospital, we are currently in contact with housing yet we are still awaiting further notes and this could take some weeks to complete.

Prince is an incredible singer, and with the right people around him this could be something we work towards in the future for him getting back into work and continuing his music career.

We plan to,

Get Prince 2 Months accomodation, This will give us time to get all the information together to hopefully get him in his own property.

Buy prince some new clothes, shoes, utensils such as toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, wash products and necceceties.

Buy prince a new phone, top it up with a bundle so he has access to job searches whilst living in a property.

What are we currently waiting on?

Housing to get back to us.

New shoes to arrive

Medical report from the hospital, Due to confidentiality they have stated this will take some time, however we may recieve this in his discharge.

His CV to be rebuilt by a professional recruitment consultant, who will then take Prince under his wing to find him a Job.

Anything helps right now, With prince's week immune system we really need to come together to help get him off the streets, I would also like to personally thank Lauryn, Jamie, Connor, Samantha, Joe, Robyn, Kenneth, Colin and Gemma

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this article.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£20 Reward

A personal phone call from Prince so he can say thank you, this will be done from one of our mobile phones.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Meet Prince in person, Have a chat and a coffee and understand the true story behind him and how he has managed to get through it all for so long with no support.

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