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We are trying to raise money for vet fees to save our beautifully puppy Peggy who has a Neurological Disorder.

by Sophie Murray in Towcester, England, United Kingdom

My Boyfriend and myself recently bought a beautiful Border Collie puppy called Peggy. Two days after getting her home we took her to the vets for her vaccinations only to find out that she has a Neurological Disorder. 

This disorder affects her co-ordination which means that she is constantly falling over and bumping into things. She cannot get down the stairs without falling  and can't even go to the toilet without falling into her mess. It also means that her head shakes and has full body tremors. As she gets older it is likely that this will only get worse but as we don't know what the disorder is, there is no way to know how it will affect her in the future.

As we found this out on her first visit to the vets, we aren't able to get pet insurance as this is considered a pre-existing condition. The vet suggested that we take her back to where we got her from but we could not take her back to the dire conditions that she was in, plus we had fallen so madly in love with her already. As the runt of the litter she was bullied by her siblings who had nibbled off her whiskers, which was what we thought was affecting her balance originally. 

She needs to have extensive tests done in order to find out what neurological disorder she has. This included blood tests and an MRI. It breaks our hearts as we can't afford to pay for these tests ourselves so are reaching out to ask for some help. 

She is such a loving and kind dog who just wants to run and play but is being restricted by her mobility. Any money raised will be to pay for medical tests and hopefully treatment for Peggy. 

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