Save Our Trees - Children's Picture Book

Save Our Trees - Children's Picture Book

To print copies of a children's picture book about the Sheffield 'Save Our Trees' campaign and donate copies to local libraries and schools

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On 14th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £654 with 35 supporters in 63 days

I want to publish a children's story book that tells the story of the Save Our Trees campaign in Sheffield and helps children to understand the importance and value of mature Street Trees. Local children will have seen the "Save Me" hearts and yellow ribbons tied around the trees and this book will be a fun and engaging way to explain the real battle that is happening in their local area. If the mature Street Trees are chopped down, children will never exerience the benefits again in their life time.

I need to raise £2000 to print and distribute 1000 copies of the books. Crowdfund backers can pledge to receive their own copies, £8 for 1 copy or £12 for 2 copies (including postage) or pledge to donate a copy to a local school or library for £6. Pledge £50 for 5 copies and your name will be included in a list of "Key Contibuters" on the inside cover of the book. pledge £5 for a  pack of 10 "Cyril the Squirrel Save Our Trees" pin badges.

You can also pledge for a personalised cartoon by the illustrator with a caricature of you/friend/pet.

The story is set in the city of "Steelfields" and the trees on "Rustling Road" are chopped down by "Mr Nook and Mrs Cranny" the pavement inspectors . "Cyril the Squirrel" lives in one of the trees and he helps the local community fight to save the rest of their Street Trees by tying yellow ribbons around the trunks. The book is intended to be entertaining with engaging and colourful illustrations, whilst also raising awareness for the STAG campaign and providing educational content to help children understand the importance of the issue and protecting the trees for their generation and future generations. 

Felling of mature Street Trees is becoming increasingly common  in cities across the UK as councils seek an easy solution to pavement repairs and tree maintenance. The mature Street Trees are often hundreds of years old, making them irreplacable. Cutting them down is a ill-conceived and careless act that takes a matter of minutes, yet the multiple benefits that mature Street Trees provide cannot be replicated by the young "lollipop" trees that are used to replace them.

 The mature treet Trees are of significant value to the local community and ecosystem, improving air quality, mitigating flood impacts, reducing crime and providing health and well-being benefits. The historical value of the trees planted in rememberance of soldiers that died in the war is also imperative. To chop down the memorial trees would be an insulting belittlement of the memory of those who lost their lives and it will also undermime the importance of remembering the terrible consequences of war and conflict.  

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