Save Our Spider from extinction

by Buglife South West in Plymouth

We did it
On 3rd March 2015 we successfully raised £10,485 with 472 supporters in 28 days

The project will undertake the urgent & vital survey & research needed to prevent the global extinction of the Horrid ground weaver spider

by Buglife South West in Plymouth

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michelewelborn 26th February 2015

Good luck to you all, and wishing you a successful outcome - however tiny the creature, or small the site, if we don't fight we lose......bugs, habitat, birds.....places to see nature - just about everything that makes this planet the joyful place to live on.

Buglife South West 26th February 2015

We did it!!! Thank you all so much for your pledges and for helping our tiny spider with a strange name! Any extra funds raised will be used to support our work to protect the sites which are home to the Horrid ground weaver. thank you Team Spider

magone 25th February 2015

Good luck you guys! You are doing a great job love the new video. Like Zoey-nightingale below commented, please refund my donation if you miss your target. I know you will use the funds wisely. Lets see a photo at your first opportunity? Good luck Mark

dcarter247 25th February 2015

The British government is still not listening to the many voices who wish to protect the countryside and our precious wildlife. It's time we had laws stopped our world from being built on, concreted over and swept away in the push for greed. Everything is inter-connected and we break those connections at our own peril.

zoey-nightingale 25th February 2015

Hi - donated again - but please do not return any of my donations if you don't hit the full target - you are so close that I would doubt anyone would want a refund - whatever amount you end up with now is not for off the target off so you can do good work with it - all the best Buglife - you do excellent work. I look forward to hearing the project is up and running.

Buglife South West 25th February 2015

Hi Folks Sorry if you have been having problems donating to our appeal. We have been in touch with Crowdfunder and apparently the payment system is now working. Please let us know if you have any more problems. thanks Team Spider

soto 25th February 2015

I saw other recent comments about being unable to complete donations. I paid with credit card which worked fine. Good luck.

adrianclark 25th February 2015

Sorry, trying again, and still can't give you any money. Last time it was the usual "Try to login... details supposedly wrong... try to register... email address already registered... retrieve forgotten password... password fails" scenario. This time, having re-registered through a different email address, it's not accepting Paypal. If your campaign fails (and I seriously hope it doesn't) I urge you to check your T&Cs with Crowdfunder, because they're clearly a shower of shite.

clare-mann 25th February 2015

Hello - I am from Plymouth but now live in Australia . I just wanted to contribute by paypal and went through all the steps but it said 'organisers not taking payments at present'. I am keen to support this and implore my friends to do so too, so could you let me know when this is fixed. Thanks for what you are doing. Clare Mann

matt.prince 19th February 2015

Glad to see many people pledge a significant amount. If only a lot more people pledged a *small* amount this project would be funded and buglife could get on with the really hard work.. finding our spider!


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A thank you for believing in our project!

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A thank you on Twitter.

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A thank you on Twitter and a Buglife spider poster.

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A thank you on twitter and in the final project survey report, and a Buglife spider poster.

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A thank you on Twitter, on our project webpage, and in the final project report. Plus 1 year's complimentary membership of Buglife along with a spider poster.

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A thank you on Twitter, on our project webpage, in the final project report and 1 year's complimentary membership of Buglife with your spider poster. You'll also be invited down on one of our survey dates to help search for the spider!

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