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Help us save our planet!!

by Louise Stiff in Plaxtol, England, United Kingdom

Help us save our planet!!


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Help our children to conduct a full environmental audit of our school to make radical changes to help to save our planet!

by Louise Stiff in Plaxtol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We will be able to fund bigger eco-projects to change how our school works completely, teach our children about the world around them and further help our children save our planet whilst we still can!

Our Mission

Our children would love to follow a seven step plan to make our school a radically different place to help save our planet and our environment.

Step 1. Create Eco-Committee

This will be the heart of our schools action and learning.  It will be made up of children from across the school who will lead our efforts and make all our key decisions.

Step 2. Conduct Environmental Review

The children will start by investigating our school’s environmental performance, to set our initial benchmark, so we understand where we are now.

Step 3. Create Action Plan

The next step will be for the children to identify how we could improve our performance by looking at best practice elsewhere and thinking outside the box, to decide on actions based on the results of the Environmental Review.

Step 4. Curriculum Links

The teachers will use the findings of the children to make sure they embed this learning into the curriculum across the school.

Step 5. Informing and Involving

Our next step will be to let the local community, including other schools, know what the Eco-Committee is doing and create links to raise awareness of the environmental issues and possible solutions, with the aim of involving and empowering as many parents and children as possible. 

Step 6. Monitoring and Evaluation

We will then measure the changes on an ongoing basis to find out what works and what doesn’t, with the aim of further improving our progress and identifying new ideas and areas of change as technology and best practice improve over time.

Step 7. Eco-Code

Finally, we will use the results of our audit to create a wider call to action that the whole school and local community can get behind to make a real and radical difference and help save our planet for future generations.

Let's make 'Help us save our planet!!' happen

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