Save Our Oceans and Support Locals in Poverty

by SORCE in West Lombok Regency, Indonesia

Save Our Oceans and Support Locals in Poverty


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For months we've done everything we can to maintain projects and support our staff despite COVID cutting off funding. Now we need your help!

by SORCE in West Lombok Regency, Indonesia

Whilst the global COVID-19 pandemic stretches on the oceans suffer, along with countless small businesses and organisations just like ours. We have spent months working tirelessly to ensure that our projects and conservation efforts are maintained, despite being forced to close for many months due to a lack of students and tourists. We've also done everything we can to continue to support our staff and the local community we reside within, despite having had very little income since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the Indonesian government is unable to help businesses or projects like ours and offers very little support for the locals we have come to know and love like family. With tourism restrictions continuing well into 2021 we are now reaching out to you to ask for your help!


Whilst businesses suffer, so do the oceans. We've started seeing huge waves of single-use masks and gloves appearing in the water and along the coastlines, adding to an already critical ocean pollution problem. We have also seen a dramatic increase in the amount of fishing, including illegal fishing activity, that is taking place after so many local residents have lost their jobs as a result of staff cuts and business closures.

We are here on the ground, ready and willing to put in the work to try and combat these issues and support local people, including our local staff, but now we need your help to continue. With these donations, we will not only sustain our marine conservation projects but will also continue our community outreach program providing training, employment opportunities, and support for local people so that they don't need to resort to environmentally destructive practices in order to feed their families.

To show our appreciation for all of the support that we receive we pledge that we will plant a coral in one of our vibrant coral gardens for every £5 donation that we receive. Not only is this a great thing to do for yourself but it would make an amazong present for a loved one, or a Secret Santa, especially with Christmas right around the corner. You (or your loved one) will receive an email with a personalised Coral Champion Certificate, thanking you for your support. If you donate £10 we'll add in an information pack full of details about your coral as well as a £25 discount code to be used when booking any one of our expeditions, incase you want to come out to visit your coral and learn all about marine conservation, once the travel restrictions are lifted. 


We also have a number of other donation rewards available so don't forget to check them out! 

During this time of crisis, any and all donations are greatly appreciated - no matter how big or small. The human world may be standing still but the oceans still need our help and with your support, we can make a crucial difference!

A huge thank you from all your friends here at SORCE. 

To find out more about our projects and the conservation work we do please visit our website: 

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