Save our Local Gym's

Save our Local Gym's

We have a passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our local community. An opportunity has arisen that will make our dreams come true

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a team! both myself and my partner regularly attend our local gym and we have worked hard to turn our lives around with weight lifting, cardio and a balanced diet (we dont diet). We see so many people come and go in the gym that could really benefit from our support which they just dont get from the huge corporation gyms that are only interested in the maximum capacity, rather than results.

An oppurtunity has arisen that could really make a difference to those people who want and need to maintain a healthy lifestyle but cannot necessarily afford to go to the smaller, more goal focused gyms but we have the dedication and commitment to make it happen for them without breaking the bank.

We are absolutley bursting with ideas for fitness and wellness programs for kids, the elderly, for people with restrictive mobility and for people who want to turn their lives and bodies around with regular focused excercise.

The facilities we are looking to purchase is the perfect setting to establish this commitment to the commumity of Kings Lynn and surrounding areas. The gym is already established with regular clientele and there is space and so much oppurtunity to offer more without costing the earth to people who want to come along.

We know we can make a real difference and we are walking, talking proof that with commitment and support anything is possible.

The money will assist us with purchasing the premises, advertising, setting up diet plan facilities and online video's for people who want to join in at home and also recruitment so that we can offer one to one assistance.