Save our Jugs

Save our Jugs

Rare jugs, vessels and cups set to be sold unless we can raise the funds to retain them for public benefit. Please Help!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 The use of leather for jugs, drinking vessels and bottles may seem curious if not absurd nowadays. But these items were made at a time when pottery and glass were luxuries fit only for royalty. Leather is ubiquitous and has been at the heart of human societies since the dawn of time. The unique properties of leather make it water proof, sturdy and yet malleable. 

The Museum of Leather Craft has curated and cared for the world's largest collection of leather drinking vessels for over 70years now. One portion of our collection, which has until now been on long term loan, is in danger of being lost to the public. Our challenge is simple, we need to raise funds to purchase these 50 rare and unique examples of leather craftsmanship. Once secured these items will again take pride of place in our museum set to re-open in new premises in Northampton in 2016.

Please help by making a small donation and sharing this appeal with all and sundry. Leather craft is an important yet currently overlooked part of society. The leather industry is one of the largest economies on the planet, we have faith that it will rally behind its dedicated museum and ensure we can continue to share the inspiring stories of man's ingenuity in this most remarkable manufacture.

We have until  March 1st so please, please hurry.