Save Our House
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

In September 1993 I fell in love with my wife and we found a financial adviser who said that at the end of term the mortgage the capital will need to be paid and to take a pension plan to achieve this.   We bought a house using a pension plan to pay the capital at the end of term. The pension plan by an Australian company failed to accrue enough funds to pay the mortgage capital and the company withdrew the fund. This action has left us in a very difficult situation as Halifax bank now require the outstanding amount of £97598.00 to be paid in full. My age is 69 and another mortgage is prohibitive as the age limit is 75 and mortgage payments would be some £1300.00 per month to pay the capital and with a pension income of £599.00 per month this is not possible. The stress has left my wife depressed and is unable to leave the house on a day to day basis, I cannot imagine what losing our house will do to her.

If 394 people were to donate £250.00 each my dilemma would be resolved, and my wife and I can leave our house in our will to our two daughters.

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