Save our Free Range Tamworth Pig Farm

We urgently need to raise funds to replace our stolen livestock trailer and hog roast machine, please help our pig farming business survive.

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2014 we successfully raised £5,110 of £4,000 target with 84 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

WOW! We have reached our target... we are totally overwhelmed!!!


Although we have reached our target,

you can still pledge!!!!!!

The £4,000 will enable us to replace our trailer and hog roast machine, we feel so relieved to be able to continue with a project that we have worked so extremely hard for. We cannot thank you all enough x

There is always so much to do at the farm:

We desperately need to maintain our old wooden sty's and we need to create new pens with new metal arks for the pigs so that we can continue to rotate the pigs around the land in order to rest the land that we have already used. This practise is vital for the health of the herd. The new pens will require: wooden posts, stock fencing, electric rope, energisers, batteries and of course metal arcs. The arks cost approximately £500 each! We really need about 10 of these (£5000)

More Security

We are so aware that this musn't happen again!! We want to install CCTV all round the barn area and at the gate. The police also suggested that we install a concrete base which the trailer could be securely attached to (£1,000) We will not be storing the hog roast machine at the farm!


We have never really had any spare funds to market our farm... It would be so wonderful to be able to promote our business... especially the hog roast service, so that we can take more bookings for next year. (£200)

Day to Day Broken Things

It is a constant battle keeping the farm ticking happily, it is so exposed to the elements and we rely on fence energisers and batteries to operate the electric fencing. Currently one of the energisers has stopped working and we have a couple of batteries that are failing to fully re-charge. These will need replacing as soon as we can so that we don't have an escaping herd! (£200)

Many, many thanks, you have all been so generous, it's unbelievable!!!


Jay, Sophie & all the piggies


s.o.s. -Save our Sows! A Plea from the Free Range Tamworth Pig Farm

On November 25th, 2014 someone broke into our farm and stole our livestock trailer and hog roast machine. When we found the trailer and machine missing our hearts sank, because we knew right away what this crime would mean for us.

We desperately need help to raise funds to replace this vital equipment. We have a free range herd of over 100 pedigree Tamworth pigs and we will struggle to continue our farming business until we can replace what was stolen!

Jay and I started our pig farming business in 2011. We have sacrificed so much of our lives for this business over these past three and a half years. We have spent hours and hours building pig houses, bashing in fence posts, cleaning out pig houses and so so much more. All our pigs are pedigree Tamworth pigs (Rare Breed English pigs).

Long hours

Now that we have an established herd we don't buy any pigs in, all our produce is from our own animals. We have ten breeding sows and two wonderful breeding boars, Toby and Dennis. Every morning at 4.30am Jay's alarm goes off and he heads to the farm to check that our herd are safe, fed and watered (we don't live there). In the winter months he does this in the dark with a torch (a task not many would be able to endure especially in rain and snow!) Then he heads to his day job ready to start at 7.30am.

After work Jay goes back to the farm to feed the pigs again. This is always a good two hours work, as free-range pigs require a lot of attention: cleaning sty's, moving breeding sows into the boars, ear-tagging and worming new piglets, keeping an eye on farrowing sows... always so much to do... dirty work... and it takes even longer if some cheeky piglets have jumped through their electric fence. They just love escaping!

Hard work, but great rewards

At weekends we collect the meat and sausages from the butcher and head off to the local farmers markets to sell our wonderful, truly free-range Tamworth pork. Our customers just love our pork it really is quite special!

On Sunday there is always so much maintenance to do to keep the farm in good shape. Half of our sty's are wooden (Jay and I constructed them ourselves), but the pigs just love rubbing their backs on the sides and these wooden sty's often need some TLC.

With any spare money we have (and help from parents) we are trying to add metal arcs to our farm as these definitely withstand pig scratches better!!

On Mondays Jay gets up even earlier and takes two pigs to the abbatoir in our everyday, domestic trailer. Jay had converted a box trailer into a livestock trailer, as we couldn't afford a Williams livestock version.

We feel devastated to have had ours stolen from us. We are not sure how we can continue without it. We are trying to find someone to lend us another for the moment.

Greedy pigs!

I forgot to mention that these pigs eat a LOT! The pig feed is expensive! Feeding over a hundred pigs twice a day is expensive!! Without being able to sell our meat at market we cannot feed our herd and we will have to stop our farming enterprise.

Please help us

We have worked sooo unbelievably hard to get this far! We don't have any holidays and we care for our pigs 365 days of the year - including Christmas day of course!

Help us to keep offering the wonderful free-range pork products you love

We have a hog roast booking in December and will have to cancel this too unless we can raise some funds to replace it. The hog roast machine really helps our business to go past the break-even point in the summer months as we don't have to pay butchers fees for processing the pig. Our profit margin for hog roasts is so much better than farmers markets, and this year we doubled our hog roast bookings from last year. We really need a hog roast machine to continue our farming business!!

We have very little time to save our farm, so please help us now if you can.

If you want to support a hard working family and help an English free-range pig farming business survive, please support us. Any money at all is so welcome.


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