Save Oreo (abandoned kitten)

by Claire in Bolton, England, United Kingdom

Save Oreo (abandoned kitten)


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Please anyone help save our kitten Oreo. He was abandoned in wet bed sheet on a park Friday, now is very poorly and needs urgent treatment

by Claire in Bolton, England, United Kingdom

On Friday our kitten Oreo and his brother Fluffy (10 weeks old) was handed in to a charity abandoned, a few hours later they both was found in wet bed sheet in the park, in the pouring rain. They were found by a parent who handed them in to a school I work for. She was walking her dog and heard noises when she went to look she found Oreo and fluffy in the wet bed sheet all wet through! She brought them into school and I decide to take them home, as couldn’t not do. They needed a loving home, especially after what has happened to them. Since bringing them home me, my partner and our 4 children all love them so much and are part of our family, even though it’s only been few days.

They have both settled in well, playing, eating and seem so happy. On Tuesday morning Oreo started limping on his left front paw, so we presumed he injury his paw by playing with his brother (fluffy). But as the day went on he stopped eating, drinking, playing and just laying there sleeping. He was crying in pain.

We took him to the emergency vets and was given anit inflammatory injections and pain relief. When he came home he was deteriorating through the night. We took him straight into the vets on Wednesday morning where he had high temperature of 40.5. He was put on a drip for fluids due to him not eating or drinking in the last 24 hours. The vets give him more pain relief and anit inflammatory injections. We brought him back home at 6:30pm that evening with his front paw bandaged up with cannula in, we kept a close eye on him but within 2 hours we had to get him back to the emergency vets. He was so poorly! He has to stay in the emergency vets for 24 hour care as he deteriorating very quickly. He was limping on both front paws and now his back paws are going too. He won’t drink anything or eat due to him being in a lot of pain.

They have said he has calici virus, which is disease causing respiratory infection. They are doing full blood count and will be giving him antibiotics, anti inflammatory injections and pain relief. They advise he has got so poorly and if he’s not treated he will deteriorate within hours and pass away!

Unfortunately we can’t not say no and not give him the treatment as he has already had a rubbish time with being abandoned twice and with only being a small kitten, he deserve to be given a chance to make him better and give him a good start in life!

Please we are asking for help and any donations will be hugely appreciated no matter how small this is, to help pay for his treatment. We need to give this gorgeous boy a chance to get the treatment and give him his forever happy home. Least he deserves! We do have insurance but due to him being poorly already we can’t claim on this.

Thank you so much for reading and hope people can help us get him home better to be with his brother and our family. We all love him and are heartbroken this is happening due to him only being with us few days. 

Thank you so much for any donations, we all appreciate your support in anyway possible.  

Any money if we go over this will be donated to animal charity to help other poorly animals in desperate need. 

Claire, Adam, our 4 kids and his brother Fluffy. 

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