Save Nicks Burnt Down Studio/House

by Scarlett Kennedy in Ashley Down, England, United Kingdom

Save Nicks Burnt Down Studio/House
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I'm raising money to help Nick get his life/studio back on track.

by Scarlett Kennedy in Ashley Down, England, United Kingdom

Hi guys, this is a crowdfunder I have decided to start for my dear friend Nick.

Tragically on Monday night around 11pm a fire erupted in his house and badly burnt a whole lot of his apartment including his studio with thousands of pounds of expensive studio gear in there.. The whole house is smoke damaged and his studio is burnt to a crisp. :( 

As you all know Nick is one of the most generous, welcoming and giving people we have the honour of knowing and being friends with. He makes everyone feel comfortable in his space/their space and has whole heartedly devoted his energy to music and creating music with others - often letting others use all his gear, inviting strangers into his house to jam and support them and generally encouraging positive creative growth within the community of Bristol.

He has supported/counselled me through some really dark times even after 12 hours of helping somebody else with their creative project in his own home, hosting them, making them food, providing cups of tea and his whole studio/apartment.

Nick is an exceptionally wonderful person and has so much time/energy/love for every one and this really is a huge, unfortunate tragedy. (Life, wai u so cruel).

If we can all come together and support him by giving some money to get new studio gear together/pay off the damage/and re sort his life out then I think he would be so forever grateful. 

Currently he is homeless and I would say, quite upset. However he is keeping a positive attitude and still giving all his energy to his friends, as he is of course - an ultimate legend.

Seriously, anything helps. The smallest amount helps. Even £2. 

If you can’t give any money then give him a message, a hug or just some time.

Big love guys.

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