Save my pooches back leg and our life together

by Mark Bloxham in Torquay, England, United Kingdom

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My best friend needs an operation on her ligament or she will lose her leg and me knowing her she won’t cope I don’t want to lose her £2500

by Mark Bloxham in Torquay, England, United Kingdom

I’m not as fortunate as some but one thing I am grateful of is the many dogs I have rescued and loved in my life and the love from them is all I’ve known.

I don’t live close to my family and haven’t been lucky thoughout my life with many challenges due to suffering from mental health issues, it is my dog that picks me up each morning and makes me want to continue with life and I love her so much.

I rescued her when she was handed into a rescue centre in London nearly 9 years ago now ( she will be 9 in December ) we saved each other’s life’s that day . We have had many adventures together .... 3 peaks , Snowdon 6 times Ben Nevis twice , to describe her as my shadow would be an understatement I simply wouldn’t be here without her .

I’m really sorry to have to ask All you kind people for help but I haven’t got the money needed to save her leg I’m currently selling as much as I can from my house any valuables I have which aren’t many , also trying to earn extra cash from any job I can do the vet bill is £2500 ! To reattach a ligament on her back leg , or it will be amputated and knowing her that will be a life of misery , pain and discomfort.I don’t want to lose her just because I’m poor it’s not fair on her she’s been such a lovely loyal best friend I’m in bits and not sure I’ll survive myself ... so sorry to put that in I just really struggle with life and she’s my only reason to get up every day . 

Hopefully I’ve managed to get some help I’ve never done anything like this I’m just so desperate , please if there’s anything I can help you with drop me a line . So very thankful for anything .

I’m not very good a social media hope I’ve done a good job any suggestions will be greatfully received 

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