Save my daughters ovary

by Pableen in London, England, United Kingdom

Save my daughters ovary
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To raise money for my daughter's holistic treatment

by Pableen in London, England, United Kingdom

To raise money for holistic treatment.

My daughter Priyanka was abused by her father from the age of 4, as time went on she became terrified of her father. He would turn the front door key and she would hide. She would sometimes complain of pain below, but my GP never investigated and dismissed it as being nothing.

He left our lives when she was 8 years old, she lived with this secret for the years he was in our lives. My world turned upside down when I became aware of what he was doing to her, feeling helpless that I could not have stopped it sooner.

At the age of 12 Priyanka was rushed to hospital because a large dermoid cyst had twisted and collapsed, in consequence she lost her left ovary and Fallopian tube. A major surgery for a young child causing her a lot of trauma and her young body took long to heal. Doctors were negligent for so long, dismissing her pain as constipation and not once examining her properly. Due to their negligence the cyst grew so big and collapsed and caused a massive infection inside her body

Then at the age of 15 at a routine yearly scan check-up another dermoid cyst was detected on her right ovary. I remember my heart sinking and the anxiety I saw on her face and the fear of going through the trauma all over again.

Priyanka is now 28 years old, the cyst is nearly 6 cm big and causes her severe pain where she’s unable to do normal activities, finding it hard to walk as the cyst pushes against her nerves of her leg, and the pain is getting worse as the days go by. Over the years she’s been rushed into hospital many times and all she’s ever been told is she needs to get it removed and risk losing her right ovary and tube.

She carries on with the pain and some days she is tearful it’s hard to console her as only she knows what she is feeling. How can anyone tell her it’s ok to take a risk?

Her specialist doctor says surgery is a risk as she only has one ovary, and not having surgery is also a risk as sudden movement may cause torsion. He feels for her too.

She is not even able to freeze her eggs as there is a risk of rupturing the ovary, so this is sadly not an option for her.

Priyanka does not easily show affection and it’s hard for her to receive affection even hugging is something I’m trying to get her used to. Her childhood still haunts her so many flash backs. I recall her primary school teacher saying “your daughter does not smile."

She wants to have the chance of one day having her own child to love and hold as it would hopefully help her to dissolve her painful memories, but this is slowly being taken away from her. Her desire is to also one day set up something to help rape victims overcome their trauma.

I do not want to give up this journey for her, so I wish to take her to India for treatment holistically it’s a process to give her the best chance for her body to heal.

I am unable to fund this treatment or even get us to India, so I would be eternally grateful for any donation to support her cause.

With faith

Pableen,Priyankas mum.

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