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Millie is our 10 year old female kitty.I found a lump under her arm that became ulcerated and smelly so I rang the PDSA.They wouldn’t phys...

by Victoria Taylor in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Millie is our 10 year old female kitty.I found a lump under her arm that became ulcerated and smelly so I rang the PDSA.They wouldn’t physically look at her and told me to send them a photo...They gave me antibiotics for her and it semi cleared up.It then started weeping again last week so I rang up again and insisted Millie being physically seen by the vet.Because of coronavirus the place was even more uninviting and I was told just by looking under her arm at the ulcerSHE HAS CANCER AND IS GOING YO DIE....just like blood tests, no x rays, no nothing.She then told me to put her to sleep then and there.I said NO.So she told me to bring her back in 5 days when we had got the infection under control and they would put her under anaesthetic and see if it was removable.That brings me to yesterday.I walked in the room, the vet lifted her front paw up and said, she had cancer, we can’t do anything, you need to put her to sleep now...Now I know the PDSA are a charity and I’m not here to bash them but, the last few times I have used them they just don’t seem bothered...So this brings me to today...All I want is for Millie to be given a chance to be given a second opinion by a private vet...I’m not one of those people who are seriously in denial.If a second vet says, when the time comes( which I tried to explain to the PDSA vet that she is still eating, drinking, using the bathroom, playing with her brothers and scaling 6 foot fences) she can’t get the rumour removed then when she stops doing all these things and becomes ill she will receive palliative care from me...

Millie is the cat I have had the longest and I love her dearly...I have watched her have her own babies and helped her nurse them..She is the sweetest most gentle cat and I just think she deserves some blood tests or maybee an X-ray just to confirm this is there is a chance it could be benign....Most mammary tumours in cats are cancerous but some are benign..But ibb BB would imagine to find this out there would need to be blood tests or xrays...

I had to finish my job 7 years ago after 28 years because of a breakdown.A series of events, all happened over 2 years ( my husband left me with 2 children, both my parents died within 18 months, I had my house repossessed, we were made homeless, I lost all my possessions, lost my car, lost my job, and then to top it off my son had a stroke at the Im now left with a severe anxiety and panic disorder) so now going to a private vet is an expense I can’t reach hence why I went to the PDSA.

Any help, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated....All I want is for Millie to be given the chance to have her symptoms fully looked at before she is written off like the PDSA vet made me feel was happening...

Thank you......Vicky Taylor

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