Save Mary's mummy

Save Mary's mummy

To fund life saving cancer treatment.

We did it!

On 23rd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £585 with 30 supporters in 56 days

As every parent will know the birth of your first child is an experience beyond compare and a moment that changes your life forever. In Anca's case in a matter of days after giving birth she was met with the news that she had a very rare and potentially incurable cancer.

Shock and disbelief was shortly replaced with major surgery which was in itself life-changing. After a long recovery process she was given the news that the tumour had been successfully removed but the likelihood of a return of the cancer was high within a two year period. Life became a backward ticking clock, counting down the time and eroding any opportunity for optimism. Sure enough, some two years later she was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer with a high probability of it spreading to the lungs. Thus began the seemingly endless rounds of chemotherapy and all the side effects that go with it...

Anca has fought through all of this for 4 years now, beating all odds and without any further spread of the disease. We have made many applications for Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) which have been refused by the NHS in Wales due to budget restrictions. This is the last treatment available to Anca and the only treatment that can reverse the growth of the inoperable tumours in her liver. Without this treatment it is unlikely that she will see another Birthday, Christmas and without doubt wont see her daughter reach 8 years of age.... Both Anca and Mary desperately need your help. Mary needs her mother and Anca deserve so much more than this life has given her to date.

Your kind donation will fund an already approved 2 stage delivery of SIRT over a 6 weeks period.

This treatment is to be performed by NHS specialists that are working privately and would be performed at the London Hammersmith Hospital.

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