Save Leith Walk
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On 15th May 2018 we successfully raised £2,520 with 76 supporters in 28 days

Raising funds to kickstart our campaign to prevent the demolition of the 1930s sandstone building and influence what is built on the site.

by Save Leith Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Heather Innes 13th May 2018

Leith Station has already been decimated and replaced with horror on a grand scale. Leave some character, for goodness sake. It goes without saying, the smaller 'great' businesses that will go. It's developers all the way. Students have managed thus far, haven't they?

Alisoun 12th May 2018

There is enough student accommodation. Why not think about residents and local shopkeepers for a change? Students disrupt communities because they don't keep social hours and we have seen too many of our cherished buildings turned into hostels or hotels. The city centre is overcrowded with pedestrians and party-goers, with very few local-owned shops and very few 'real' residents. Let's learn the lesson and keep Leith free of greedy developers making money out of developments like this.

daisy carnegie 8th May 2018

GOOD LUCK #SaveLeithWalk #STOPtheDEMOLITION! This former art deco office complex for London Midland Scottish Railway comprising a 1930s two-storey red sandstone row deserves to be preserved. Once it's gone, it is gone. #PERSEVERE!

Sarah Jamieson 1st May 2018

So important for people living in communities to have a say about what happens to the space around them. So much of the city has been “developed” but not necessarily improved. Look at what happened with the space at the back of the library :( Good luck with this campaign.

Oonagh O'Brien 26th April 2018

Leith Walk is a special part of Edinburgh with its mix of shops and cafes. It has been badly damaged by long street closures but building mode student accommodation in this part of town will just kill it. Edinburgh is becoming a theme park- it is losing what has always made it special- a living thriving city .

Ilse Mackinnon 19th April 2018

I'm not against change, but the proposal seems totally out of keeping! Good to look at alternatives, eg retaining the shops and a smaller-scale build behind them...

Rick Stirling 19th April 2018

I’m not against development, I’m not against students - but this development needs a lot of changes for it to be a worthwhile addition to Leith. I hope the SLW campaign can influence this!

Jude Weddell 17th April 2018

These are beautiful buildings and Leith Walk is an area of multicultural history, which is being turned into a bland block of nothingness. Despite Edinburgh councils best efforts this area has to be preserved.

Kathy Walker 17th April 2018

This grassroots campaign is really important in maintaining the community and identity of Leith versus faceless capitalistic development. A few campaigners normally end up carrying the financial burden which isn’t fair-let’s all give what we can in support of an issue that is far beyond any cash value. Good luck guys!

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