Save Lawrence of Arabia Items for the Nation

Save Lawrence of Arabia Items for the Nation

Save British historical icon Lawrence of Arabia's dagger and robe from being sold abroad. Crowdfunding to present it to the British Museum.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thomas Edward Lawrence, also known as T.E. Lawrence and "Lawrence of Arabia" was a writer, archeologist, scholar, explorer, diplomat and soldier. He was a flawed character, who has been accused of exagerrating facts for his own purposes, however, it cannot be denied that he is one of the most significant iconic characters of the 20th century.

Two items that belonged to Lawrence of Arabia are under threat of being exported and potentially lost to the nation. These items are his famous white silk robes and a dagger that was presented to him after the capture of Aqaba. (The Guardian)

Such items rank highly amongst prized British artifacts and should be made available for the British public to see and enjoy. They were kept in a private collection, however, this collection is due to be sold off.

The importance of these items has been recognised by the UK government; the Minister of Culture Ed Vaizey has put a temporary export ban on this items - giving British funders the time to raise the necessary amount to keep them in the country. (BBC)

The dagger and the robe have a potential cumulative value of £135,000 (The Telegraph). By raising that amount it should be possible to purchase these culturally significant items and donate them to the British Museum.

Please help keep these items in the UK. Lawrence of Arabia may have been flawed, but he was a brave man who frequently exemplified the best characteristics of being British.

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 Thank you for helping the battle to keep these significant items in the UK.