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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British small businesses, we are here to help.

by LAB11 in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


Like many other businesses we have been hit hard by the knock on effects of Covid-19. We have received no cultural grant support from the government and now have a legal battle with West Midlands Police following an unjust £10,000 fixed penalty notice. We have done our very best to weather the storm and explore all avenues to be able to operate and generate income, but unfortunately we have reached a point where LAB11 needs your help to ensure that we can fight our fight and dance again in the future.

Rather then ask for just stand alone donations we are asking people to pledge their support by donating to receive rewards such as;
• Tickets to our re-opening weekend
• T-shirts
• Becoming part of our "LAB11FAMILY Supporters Wall" metal entrance installation
• Your very own rooftop party
+ more.

All the money raised will be dedicated to keeping LAB11 alive. It will be apportioned between fixed costs such as rent & utilities, a "staff fund" allowing us to keep our team in jobs and our new legal battle & fine.

We need help from the dance music community and our #LAB11family.






As an independent music venue, LAB11 started as a labour of love, a natural progression and home for our parties. We always believed in what we were trying to create; a unique atmosphere, experience and community for Birmingham clubbers artists and promoters alike as well as becoming a renowned UK destination. We have worked our way through a number difficult times but we find ourselves more vulnerable than ever before.

Our opportunity to host parties and dance floors was suspended in March with the first UK lockdown. This was following a significant refurbishment in January, funded by the total re-investment of our own generated funds back into the venue. This involved the redevelopment of our 2 main event spaces; The Terrace & Warehouse. A major part of this project was focussed on future-proofing LAB11; The main event spaces were soundproofed to reduce any impact upon future property developments in Digbeth. We also rebuilt the venue entrances & medical facilities - improving the safeguarding for customers. In hindsight the refurb could not have come at a worst time...

With the introduction of the initial lockdown, we lost all future income, most importantly, the income we had projected to replenish our operating cashflow following the refurb. This was our “rainy day” fund that would allow us to manage through any difficulties or crisis points. We postponed further stages of refurb and rescheduled as many events as possible, with agents returning fee deposits paid. Some further personal investment was sourced while we awaited details & “promises” of government support.

We restructured our activities and business, to brace against the financial impacts as best as possible. We took advantage of the schemes that we qualified for; We received help through 2 initial small business rates grants, but did not qualify or were denied for others. A "Bounce Back Loan" helped us with some emergency cashflow. This allowed us to keep some of our core team working through the interim period as we focussed on different tasks at the venue and explored some potential future media / music based ideas.

As we approached mid summer and just as our cashflow / funding was running out details of Arts Council Funding and talk of eased lockdown restrictions gave us a glimmer of light at the end of a dark tunnel. This was a needed boost for everyone involved in the venue during incredibly anxious and stressful times. We got to work on our Arts Council funding application, but this was later denied. The decision letter stated “On balance, we decided that your application didn’t strongly meet the aims and priorities of this fund. In making our decision we’ve also had to think about the range and balance of different applications we are supporting taking into account our supported geographical areas and areas of low cultural engagement”

With the easing of lockdown measures, we put all our energy into adapting our venue and activities in order to try and trade. We took a chance and utilised all the funds that remained in our bank account to re-purpose our outdoor arch space into a covid-safe place, where people could socialise and enjoy at least some elements of the normal we once knew. The launch of our “Social Summer” series allowed us to offer work opportunities to our extended team; DJs / artists, promoters, security, bar staff, production companies & decor providers. We even partnered with local restaurants, where they provided food to all our customers.

The response was amazing with nothing but positive feedback. Therefore following the conclusion of the summer series, we planned a winter version. This brought more challenges; colder weather, the introduction of tighter restrictions and a 10pm curfew. We re-invested everything yet again into our outdoor area, we built new booths with bespoke dividers, purchased more furniture, introduced new lighting and decor. We opened talks with agents, artists, other brands and everyone came together; working at reduced rates in a collaborative effort. We were surviving, we were making our way through these challenging times.

Working at 120 people / 6% of our normal capacity this was by no means a profitable venture, but we were able to keep people in jobs and cover at least some of our fixed operating costs. On October 17th however, this opportunity was taken away from us. Despite weekly police visits with no issues, formal warnings or complaints; senior officers within West Midlands Police attended the venue and issued us with a £10,000 fixed penalty notice - stating that we were in breach of Covid Guidelines due to our Marquee. After discussions and a subsequent check later that evening, they left the venue, allowing us to remain open till the scheduled closing time of 10pm.

Following subsequent discussions with our legal team we decided to close the venue - it had become unclear as to the legalities surrounding opening and with so much at risk, unviable to do so. Our Marquee area had been used for socially distanced events since 25th July, we had regular visits from the police throughout the last 4 months and at no point prior to this fine; had any issue, complaint or concern been raised - directly relating to the marquee.

Our ability to trade was taken away, we had not yet recuperated the money invested in making the venue covid-safe, we no longer had jobs or work for our team and we now have the pressures of an expensive legal battle and fine hanging over us.

In this last week we have sold all our excess sound & lighting equipment. We’ve explored all available options and find ourselves unable generate cashflow to fight our fight, maintain the venue and keep our team in work. This time last year we won the award of “Best UK Club Venue”, 12 months later we are unsure if we will survive. If we are going to create and share moments on the dance floors of LAB11 again, we desperately need your help to #SAVELAB11 #SAVE



• To cover our legal fee’s and potential fine

• To create a Staff Fund offering our core team continuing paid work

• Rent and other fixed costs including utilities such as electricity, insurance, IT and other fixed costs. 


The above list and pie chart shows where the donated money will be spent over the next 3 months. During the time that we are closed; our “Staff Fund” will allow us to create regular paid work opportunities for our core team. This will include regular streaming and music activities from the venue, keeping on top of maintenance and venue housekeeping tasks, plus future planning activities where possible. 

Our legal fee’s include lawyer costs, various licenses and associated annual fees and an allocation of £10,000 for the potential fixed penalty notice. If we manage to win our appeal against the fine any funds will be reapportioned equally to rent, staff and utilities allowing us extend this initial period of security. 

**None of this money will be removed from the business or awarded as dividends to shareholders**



£10 Tier 1 - Save LAB11 - Digital Supporter

• Your name on our digital supporters wall & dedicated page on our website.

• Custom digital version of #LAB11FAMILY artwork

£20 Tier 2a - Save LAB11 - Opening Weekend Ticket 

• A ticket to our exclusive reopening weekend parties 

plus Tier 1 rewards. 

£20 Tier 2b - Save LAB11 - T-Shirt

• Special Edition “LAB11FAMILY” T-Shirt

plus Tier 1 rewards.


£50 Tier 3 - Save LAB11 - LAB11 Family Member 

• Your name immortalised on our LAB11FAMILY wall - A metal installation covering an entire wall in the venue entrance corridor.  

• A ticket to our exclusive reopening weekend parties 

• Special Edition “LAB11FAMILY” T-Shirt 

• Priority access to tickets for all future events + exclusive discounts

Plus Tier 1 rewards.

£100 Tier 4 - Save LAB11 - Super Supporter

• Your name in extra large, prominent size, immortalised on our LAB11FAMILY wall - A metal installation covering an entire wall in the venue entrance corridor.  

• Bespoke enamel LAB11FAMILY badge 

• A ticket to our exclusive reopening weekend parties 

• Special Edition “LAB11FAMILY” T-Shirt 

Plus all other Tier 3 Rewards

£2000 - Save LAB11 - Rooftop Raver *Only 5 Available*

• Your very own private rooftop & loft party for you and your friends (up to 100 guests)

• A LAB11 guest DJ for the event

• 100 drinks for your guests

Plus all Tier 4 rewards



- All physical products will be shipped or available for collection as soon as possible once the campaign is over.

- Collection is preferred and will be available from the venue. You will be contacted in advance to see if collection is possible or to arrange delivery.

- If you are unable to collect in person, UK delivery is possible but please add £5 additional donation at checkout if you are located in the EU and £10 for the rest of the world. We reserve the right to charge additional shipping if required based on your location.

- Rewards have no cash value of any kind and are non transferable.

- The custom digital print version of our #LAB11FAMILY artwork will be emailed out to all supporters after the end of the campaign.

- Reopening weekend tickets will be valid for the first weekend that the venue is legally allowed to trade at full capacity, without social distancing restrictions. There will be a Friday, Saturday & Sunday event with varied programming to suit different genres. You will be notified via email when the opening weekend date is finalised - with instructions of how to then claim your chosen day ticket (at no charge).

- The physical “LAB11FAMILY” art wall will be completed as close to the end of the campaign as possible and will be filmed and photographed live. 

- The LAB11 Gold Card raffle will be selected completely randomly using dedicated computer software after the completion of the campaign and the winner will be notified separately by email to arrange membership details.

- All physical products are non returnable/exchangeable unless faulty.

- Private rooftop party events can take place during licensable hours only. All attendee’s must be over 18 years of age. A date must be agreed with the venue a minimum of 2 months in advance. Music genres, will be agreed prior to LAB11 booking of DJs. Up to a maximum of 100 guests. 

- We reserve our right to refuse entry regardless of ticket holding.

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