Save Kitty

Save Kitty

Updated message that's important to read before donating that you can find in "About the Project"

We did it!

On 26th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £490 with 12 supporters in 35 days

To everyone that's already pledged and any future donators:

I recently made contact with the rescue centre to let them know that as much as we wanted Kitty with us, our hopes for raising the £800 were not high.

However they replied soon after saying that I'd misunderstood. I didn't need to send them £800! They raise £600-700 through appeals and fundraisers themselves. All they ask for from me is £100-200 as a donation.

Overjoyed is the only word I can think of right now! We are SO happy that we're going to get Kitty here with us!

This crowdfunder has to run until the finish date. So whatever pledges come in from this point on we will donate to the Alexandria Cat Rescue Centre that Kitty is coming from.


Help us save Kitty, a beautiful cat with an awful story!

When we lost Tubbs to kidney disease a short time ago, as many of you know, it was heartbreaking for us. It's left out home feeling very empty and our other cat, Peaches, is missing her a great deal. She needs another cat around so she's not lonely, and we need a new little member to complete our family again.

It's very difficult adopting from places around the UK because they frown on indoor cats, and as soon as you say you live in a flat, you're off the list for consideration. So instead we looked to some foreign rescue centres. After looking through various different ones, millions of different cats, all different ages, we finally found exactly what we were looking for... and as you can see, it's an absolute bonus that she is gorgeous!

We need a cat that is a bit older, so they fit in well with Peaches, and Kitty is 8. She's healthy now after recovering from her last owners, and she's available to the UK. The only nag is the price.

They aren't asking for £800 for the cat. That isn't it at all. That's just total costs. 

  • £300 flight from Egypt
  • £100 adoption fee
  • £200 vaccinations, passport, microchip etc before leaving
  • £100 donation for food & care they've received

After everything that they have done for this cat (and hundreds of others), I would love to raise the full amount for them. If we can't, I'm hoping perhaps the flight and a donation might be enough. But if you can support us on trying to bring this little one to the UK, where she will finally have a safe & loving home... it would mean so much to us. 

Anything you can spare is a a little more towards saving this beautiful cats life.

If you'd like to read more about Kitty's story and see lots of pics of this gorgeous girl, head over to here: 

(there's a photo album specifically for Kitty which has all her pics and info in).

She will be coming from the Alexandria Cat Rescue Centre, which is part of the organisation, World Animal Friends (registered charity no: 1164356).

Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone!

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