Save Kinloch Castle on the Isle of Rum

by Kinloch Castle Friends Assoc in Isle Of Rum, Scotland, United Kingdom



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Saving Kinloch Castle is even more important. We are now aiming to buy the castle so funds are urgently needed for the restoration.

by Kinloch Castle Friends Assoc in Isle Of Rum, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Keith Otto 12th April 2019

Very happy memories of our visit in 2013 - the last year it was open to the public. Wish everyone involved all the very best in saving the castle for future generations.

Terri F Couts 14th March 2019

I’m very happy about this Project. Thank You for your efforts. I will be with you in Spirit. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Scotland Forever!🐻

Liz Greenaway 24th February 2019

A wonderful looking building that deserves your efforts. I hope that all local and national news channels and newspapers have covered this amazing effort - if not then ask/demand that they do! You need to get as much publicity as possible to raise your funds. Good luck! I look forward to visiting when it's done.

Moira Dunbar 16th February 2019

We were staying in the Castle for a week in July ( 2011/2012 ? ) away back just before the hostel closed. We had a room for 5 on the top floor, as the bedroom we were to supposed to get , was in disrepair at that time. We were very disappointed at the time but really enjoyed our time there although our room was a wee bit cramped for 5. We had a lovely time and was amazing at the Castle with all the history and decor of that time of the Boullough's and see how the other half lived. Furniture and China etc from all over the world It would be such a shame for it to deteriorate any further especially the Orcherstral part under the stair. Even the decor is getting ruined or "lost" so to KEEP KINLOCH CASTLE OPEN we need ACCOMODATION to help maintain the History of this beautiful building Apart from the Castle, it's a beautiful Island to chill out and blow away the cobwebs, with walking, reading, artistry, even knitting The scenery is also stunning, too much to take in on a day trip from the mainland , and need ACCOMODATION to suit everybody It's a holiday I won't forget and hopefully it will be back again before long

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