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To help cover Jensen’s vet bills

by Chloe o’brien in Port Talbot, Wales, United Kingdom

Jensen is a very handsome boy which is why I named him after Jensen Ackles. I raised him from a kitten, when he was so small and fragile that he couldn’t eat, and I had to feed him with a syringe until he got strong enough to do it himself. He is now 3 years old, and he has become an active, effervescent cat that keeps his sister Misha (Collins) on her toes like the bromance their named after. Since I hand-reared him, we are incredibly close.

Even though he is an absolute scamp, he is super lovable and cuddly (and tends to lay on my face at night). He can get anxious at times after such a tough first few weeks. This anxiety means that he has to regularly go to the vets for his bladder. As this was a pre-existing condition, I can’t claim this on the insurance anymore. I’ve had to get loans to cover costs already.

The last time I took him in, the vets told me that he now has a heart murmur. This needs to be investigated as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get worse. His heart scan is on 21/05/19, and will cost £570. After that, depending on the results, there may be further costs of anything up to surgery.

I cannot afford this, and cannot get any more loans. I’ve had family and friends tell me I should get him euthanised because of the cost, but as he is still my Jensen and full of troubles, I don’t agree with this. The vets have even mentioned it. My heart is in tatters – I mean, he’s 3 years old. I hate asking for hand-outs, but if I can get the money together, I would much rather Jensen be around as long as possible. I asked a friend to write this, as I just couldn’t.

I’m not asking for the entire costs to be covered at all. But if there’s anything you can give, if anyone can help in any way, it would mean everything – everything – to Jensen.

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