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Say hello to Jasper!Our gorgeous 6 month old Weimaraner puppy. He loves cuddles and likes to steal our bed at night!What Happened?Around 2 w...

by Antony Lumgair in Milton Of Campsie, Scotland, United Kingdom


Say hello to Jasper!

Our gorgeous 6 month old Weimaraner puppy. He loves cuddles and likes to steal our bed at night!

What Happened?

Around 2 weeks ago we took him to our local vet after he was up all night with a sore stomach. The vet put this down to an gastrointestinal infection, prescibed medication and sent him home. The following night Jaspers condition slowly worsened, this reached breaking point when he became reluctant to walk eventually collapsing in our garden. 

We rushed Jasper back to the vet and they kept him until the evening after performing xrays, others scans and blood tests. All came back normal though his temperature and white blood cell count was very high. The vet made an urgent referral to Vetsnow in Glasgow. This is an out of hours emergency vet. We had to pick Jasper up from our local vet and transport him. This was an extremely difficult journey as he was crying the whole time. When i left Jasper at Vetsnow i had to place him on the ground, he was howling in pain. I was really convinced that i wouldnt see him again. 

After several tense days at the hospital, he was diagnosed with severe Metaphyseal Osteopathy and possible osteochondrosis. Antibiotics resulted in a vast improvement to his condition. 

Picking Jasper up from the hospital was such a happy moment and we both broke down in tears. We took him home and havent really stopped cuddling him since to be honest.

I took him for his first check up last week, the vet was immedietly concerned at the shape of his two front paws. We had to pay for more xrays, this showed that Jasper likely had a deformity in each leg. This can be a rare side effect of his previous condition. After another few tense days and a horrible weekend i have had a call today informing me that Jasper needs surgery on both legs.

What is Metaphyseal Osteopathy?

Metaphyseal osteopathy, previously termed hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD), is a disease of young (usually 3 to 6 months of age), growing dogs of the large and giant breeds that results in severe pain that is localized to the metaphyses of the long bones.

What's involved in the surgery?

The surgery is complex, the vet has been very upfront about that fact. There are lots of possible complications, its part guesswork too as they dont know how his bones will grow or adapt.

It involves cutting a 20° wedge out of Jaspers two front wrists, this will allow them to straighten them. It will be held into place with metal implants and several screws. They will also remove 3cm of bone from each leg to hopefully ensure equal bone length. 


Without the surgery Jasper would likely become immobile. We arent going to let that happen even if we push ahead and worry about money when its done.

If the ops are succesful and no follow up action is needed, prognosis is good. He will be able to run and play and have the life he deserves!

Why are we crowdfunding?

Our current bill total stands at just over £11,500. We have ploughed all of our savings into it as well as his pet insurance. The crowdfund goal is to cover part of the remainder and give us a chance of being able to pay for upcoming vet bills.

We understand times are very hard for most people right now. If you are not in a position to donate please share Jaspers story if you can.

Jasper has now had his initial surgery, he has a check up and another radiograph coming up, this will determine if the surgery has corrected the deformity or whether he will need further surgery. Jasper will need to be continously assessed until he is fully grown (roughly one years time).

It is likely that he will develop arthritis as a result of the surgery.

Please share with others to help save our boy and give him the life he deserves.

He is a gorgeous boy, there are lots of pictures on his instagram - @jasper.theweimaraner

Thank you

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