Help save IBMD

by Go5050 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Help save IBMD


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We are small community platform that links together individuals and families that want to share the cost of digital subscriptions and save!

by Go5050 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

From our humble start as a Facebook page to a well known brand name with a thousand customers, we are now facing an existential crisis. Originally a platform to help small businesses merge their buying power to buy in bulk at wholesalers, we made the transition to a split-payment-network where individuals and families alike could pool their resources together to save on digital subscriptions and other goods and we handle the payment and acquisition for them, ensuring a safe delivery of the goods to each party to make split payments b4tween anonymous parties truly safe and convenient. Our service that provides for great discounts on entertainment has now proved essential in light of the pandemic and difficult economic times. However, we have been beset by a variety of operational issues as we grew a lot quicker than anticipated and now need additional funds to survive and make the full successful transition to a split-payment-network patform. As the only discount provider for digital subscription services and more, going out of business will mean many can no longer afford most digital subscriptions at a financially difficult time when many are urged to stay home and rely on those very subscriptions. Helping us survive would mean helping the wider community survive these testing times too. We intend to use the funds to automate our systems and grow the network and make it even more user friendly and convenient.


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